16 Home moving tips and hacks for hassle-free shifting

moving tips and hacks

Performing unplanned and unmanaged packing during house shifting can make it a stressful and daunting process. This in-depth blog will give you insights on home moving tips to make your relocation way better and easier. Let’s go to explore,

Valuable home moving tips and hacks

1. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring moving experts

If you don’t have any friends or family members that can help you out in moving and make this process easier. You might want to look into hiring professional movers to have peace and comfort, but it may fall a little bit pricey.

You have to weigh these options because again you want your move to be as great as possible with no issues. You can always check and ask movers how and what to do when it comes to moving your stuff.

2. Making a budget and moving list

Some people have two months some people have two weeks to pack all stuff together.

You always want to be sure that you got your funds right and you have the necessary packing supplies and tools.

Never rush a move it never works out and only will create a mess.

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3. Send out notices to service providers before you move

If you are moving then obviously you will switch your cable, your gas, your electricity. So, make sure you have contacted them and arranged shut down of all these services to avoid paying extra for the services that you didn’t use.

These are all things you want to do first before you move. It makes it easier during the time and as you move in you have all your essentials when you need it and by the time you move in

4. Create an Inventory list and color code for each room

Packing the stuff inside the boxes is only half the battle. Using labels, stickers, inventory list allows you to have organized moving.

Use different color codes for each room, or tape them with different color tape.

Paste an inventory list on every box, knowing what resides in the box makes moving flawless and manageable.

5. First declutter your stuff

While packing stuff you will notice things that you never want to bring into your new house. Create and go through your checklist of things that you never even use that are in your attic, in your basement.

Get rid of these things as fast as possible if you don’t want to carry them in and worry about it towards the end. Getting rid of unnecessary things, in the beginning, get less stress.

6. Set a timer

Try to go as easy as you can each day and do little by little packing boxes putting stuff away. Pack at least for an hour a day and make sure you do it ahead of time. If you rush through your whole move, in the end, the stress that will give you will be unbearable.

7. Pack essentials in a tote bag

You know that once you moved to a new place you are not going to use all the stuff.

There will be certain things that you will not need right off but at the same time, you will have the essentials that you use every day.

These essentials include things like medicine, important docs, cosmetics, phone chargers, and other things that you on day-to-day.

You will never want to unpack everything to get toothpaste and create a mess all around. Make sure you pack a little total of those things in a separate tote bag so once you move in you can feel more comfortable.

8. Use the right number of and size boxes

As cardboard boxes are not meant to hold more than the intended weight choosing the right size boxes is really important.

Packing small size items inside the large box can’t allow your things to arrive safely.

Have the right assessment for the number of boxes you will require, failing it may demand you to cramp up everything in the last box. To ease you can use the box assessment calculator to take the guesswork. You can buy professional-grade moving boxes online or at most hardware stores.

9. Don’t leave empty spots in the boxes

Make sure you are wrapping and fitting every item into the place.

Placing unwrapped belongings especially fragile and sharp ones can shift around and possibly damage other items.

Buy some wrapping supplies like foam, bubble wrap, plastic padding. You can also section off the box using dividers to add an extra layer of protection for your breakables. You can also use the space effectively by using your clothes to wrap fragile items. This way you can avoid the extra boxes required to pack those clothes.

10. Don’t overpack boxes

It’s good to use every space in the box effectively but just don’t try to dump everything in a single box. Overpacking and heavy boxes can make anybody helping you feel uncomfortable. Pack every box at least light enough for everybody to carry up and down steps or down floors.

Don’t stack heavy boxes over lighter and boxes with fragile items as it may cause tipping of the boxes and everything inside is at risk of breaking.   

11. Repurpose household items for packaging

Things like suitcases or maybe even hampers or small bins that you can use to fit clothes in.

It’ll make less packaging and fewer things for the movers to pick up. It won’t mess things up and be declutter things to break up when you make your move.

12. Save space when packing clothes

If you have clothes that are opened out and you put them into boxes, they’ll take a lot of room in your box or even in bins. Try a little trick, roll them up make them smaller and fit them into a nice knit box. It’ll make things easier and you can fit more things in one bin or even your hamper or a box. In general.

13. Label and take photos of furniture disassembly

While furniture packaging, make sure that anything you take apart is labeled before taking it apart. So, when you move to your new place it will be easier to assemble your dismantled furniture using those labels and pics.

This will make real smooth for you to connect everything and it saves more time.

14. Packing hazardous materials separately

Don’t pack hazardous material with other things that you have. Don’t get messed up with things like fire extinguishers or even ammonia anything liquid-based even acid things. Mixing up with other items like your clothes, furniture can cause serious damage to these things. You always either pack separately or move by yourself in your car.

15. Use plastic wrap on liquid bottles

Liquid bottles let’s just say in general shampoos, lotion, oils anything like that can spill over your belongings, wrap them in plastic bags.

Just seal the cap tightly wrap them in plastic bags this can save spilling over and ruining your valuable belongings.

16. Make sure to pack your jewelry in smaller boxes

Never put valuable things like your jewelry, ladies’ purses in big boxes. These can get a lost drop out of the little creases when you tape up the box.

These things are too valuable to lose, so make sure you practice something that you always know. Use pills organizer or sunglass cases to avoid misplacement of your valuable jewelry.

I know doing all these tasks is going to consume time and energy, but planning, getting organized, and being positive towards the packing is a key to successful home relocation. Hence, I believe following these tips will definitely help you in organized packing and have a seamless home shifting experience.