4 Smart Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing the Right Wooden or Metal Cellar Doors

4 Smart Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing the Right Wooden or Metal Cellar Doors 10

Whether it is a special occasion or a date with a loved one, nothing is complete without wine. And if you are fond of wine, then you will definitely want to collect various kinds of wines from different parts of the world. But is it enough for you to collect these wine bottles? Don’t you have to store it in the right condition? Or you would definitely want to display your collection in front of others? Then, you should think about building a wine cellar.

You have to consider various things while planning these custom wine cellars. Right from flooring, storage units, room interior, to optimum wine storage conditions like temperature and humidity, you have to consider various things while deciding on the wine cellar. But there is one more thing that is equally important for your wine cellar and that is the door of the cellar. Before designing the wine cellar and choosing the door for the cellar, you might have a few questions.

Here, we have put together the common questions you might have about glass, wood, or metal cellar doors. Take a look.

What are the different materials that we can use for the wine cellar doors?

You need the door of the wine cellar to be sturdy, prevent humidity and also ensure temperature control. That is why you have to build the door with the right kind of materials. Nowadays, there are various kinds of materials which can be used to build the door. You can go with hardwood with external cravings. If the racks in the wine cellar are wooden, then you can match the doors with the same. Or you can go for regular or etched glass. These can provide airtight thickness and at the same time, the finishing will be transparent so anyone can see the wine collection inside without entering. And you can also you go with metal doors. Galvanized or insulated doors can be perfect for contemporary homes.

Does the door have an airtight frame?

This is not a normal door for any other part of the house. You should pick a door which has an airtight frame. You have to ensure weather stripping around the frame and a sweep on the bottom. You never go for frameless wine cellar doors because then providing the airtight seal will not be possible. Before choosing the door, you have to know about the airtightness of the door frame.

What are the dimensions of the door?

You have to choose a door with the right dimensions. You must consider the size of the entrance of the wine cellar while deciding on the wine cellar door. The kind of material you are choosing will also have to be ordered according to the dimensions of this door. If you pick the wrong size, then you will again have to rebuild the door. Instead of taking such hassles, it is better to be careful from the beginning.

Can the doors be secured effectively?

When it comes to doors, security is essential. Even if it is the door of your wine cellar, you have to consider the security of the wine cellar. You have to ensure that the door can be secured with lock and key or a deadbolt lock. After all, even the wine bottles are quite expensive. These can also be stolen. You have to focus on the security of the wine cellar and choose the right kind of wine cellar doors.

So, if you are planning a custom wine room in Houston and deciding on the right wine cellar doors, then you should look out for the right company and ask these questions to choose wisely.