6 Ways to Have an Old-Age-Friendly Kitchen

old age friendly kitchen

More often, we tend to design a kitchen disregarding those who will be using it. And in this blog, we will be talking about the importance of designing a kitchen that is elder-friendly. A kitchen is a place that can be accessed by anyone at any time. However, if not everyone is able to use it for their needs then the kitchen loses its purpose.

Age is not kind. The weakness of the bones and muscle pains might bar our elders from accessing certain areas of the kitchen and it is only natural. Thus it is important to have a kitchen that grants access to all the areas of the kitchen and lets them utilize it in as many ways as possible.

Here are 6 ways in which you can make your kitchen old-age-friendly:

  1. Pull-out pantry in kitchen cabinets: A very useful component of a modern kitchen, pull-out pantries are great for elders. Their pull-out nature is based on a slide system that allows you to pull out the entire pantry which reveals three open racks. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, they can be greatly helpful for your elders.

Vintage white cabinets can be a great choice for your kitchen decor. It not only gives your kitchen a touch of the old times but also makes it appear more spacious which can be a plus for your elders.


  1. Corner Cabinets: Corner cabinets prevent one from getting on all fours in order to access items. This is very much helpful for elders who have pain in the knee and hip joints. Opt for pull-out drawers or swing pull-outs which, instead of reaching for items, bring them out with a pull.


White shaker cabinets are another example of Victorian-style cabinetry. The vintage white design provides for a pristine spacious kitchen decor.


  1. Opt for drawers instead of doors for your base cabinets: Drawers make for an easy display of your kitchen utensils rather than doors that reveal racks that need to be looked into by bending (sometimes even by getting on all fours). Very clearly, drawers are a much easier option for your elders and yourself as well.


  1. Go for traditional design cabinets: In order for an old-age friendly kitchen, avoid opting for decorative legs, angled counters or fridge panels. All these can act as obstacles and can hurt your elders’ hips and knees.

Vintage white cabinets are a great option. With their various styles and sizes, they are perfect for any kitchen, both big and small.


  1. Clear space: Make sure that all the areas of your kitchen space are easily accessible and clear. Your elders should not face any trouble in accessing the sink or the oven or any other section. Opt for Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) vintage kitchen cabinets which let you utilize both space and storage effectively.


  1. Microwave below or at counterweight: Keeping the microwave at or below counter takes out the need of reaching or bending above the shoulders. Kitchen cabinets also come with provided space for microwave fitting. This saves more space while also making sure that they are safely positioned and can be used with ease whenever needed.

Additional: Slip-resistant floors- One of the most important aspects of any old-age friendly kitchen is slip-resistant floors. For this, it is suggested to avoid ceramic and go for porcelain that absorbs less moisture. It is also easy to clean and wipe. Vinyl is another worthy option as it feels softer on the feet.

While choosing the flooring, keep in mind that the material should have enough texture to group the feet in a reliable manner.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind will help you have an elder-friendly kitchen. This will not only make the kitchen safer but will also make your seniors interested in using it.