home staging

Home Staging Tips for a Faster Sale

Sleep expert, professional interior and luxury bedding designer Jennifer Adams is back to answer your questions and provide some helpful ...
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new style of front doors

New Style of Front Doors To Enhance Your Home’s Look

The style of Front doors plays a role that is more crucial than you may realize. They add personality and ...
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home garage types

Types of Garages Helpful for your Home

Just as there are many kinds of garage designs, this garage guide classifies, explores, and breaks many Garage options you've ...
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curtain types

Various Curtains Types to Decorate Home

Have you ever imagined which curtain type will suit a particular window of your home or office? I am sure ...
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ideas for room partition

The Amazing Idea for Room Partition

Although open space in your home produces a luxurious look to your home it is not always practical. You may ...
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Indian interior designer

An inspiring journey of 5 best interior designers in India.

The interior designing sector is booming all over the world with full of creativity and innovations. India is as luckier ...
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hallway decor

Hallway and stairway decor ideas to inject a dose of style.

We generally use hallway or stairway as just a way to a living room or bedroom or kitchen, or in ...
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brown curtains in living

How to Select Curtains for Home

As any decorator will tell you, curtains add glory to home-but only when chosen correctly. Believe me, selecting the right ...
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rain drop wallpaper

wallpapering tips and tricks.

The Home Decorating Mentor will concentrate on the aspects of wallpaper important to decorating. Those that aren't fond of wallpaper ...
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