advantages of upvc windows

Unbelievable Advantages of UPVC Windows for Your Home

Choosing the right door and window frame for your home may be confusing with so many choices. Should the choice be made between antiques or modern? what kind of window suits your style?  Which will complement the house and serves as a deterrent to harsh weather conditions. uPVC windows and doors have come up with a lasting solution for all the shortcomings of wooden and aluminium.

What is uPVC

uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard building material commonly used for the manufacturing of window and door frames. The material is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and mold. This makes uPVC windows a longer-lasting alternative to timber and aluminium windows and door frames.

uPVC profiles are manufacture by heating uPVC material at a high temperature, then injected into a mold. In order to get the shape, mold is applied with several cooling methods.

Once cooled, it is cut into pieces and assembled with other components to manufacture uPVC windows and doors. No additional chemicals are utilized in the manufacturing to make the substance softer, as a result, uPVC window frames retain the natural sturdiness.

10 Advantages of UPVC windows

1. Durable/Termite free/Corrosion-free/Proper drainage system

Unlike alternative, traditional materials for window frames, uPVC is not affected by water and salt and is thermally non-conductive. It can withstand the extreme elements of heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow without causing problems like warping, corroding, rotting, peeling, chipping, or flaking. It is also termite resistant that does not allow windows to warp, twist or split providing more durability to windows. Galvanized steel reinforcements provide a uPVC stable structure making it a durable option.

uPVC coating protects window frames from harmful UV rays that can cause fading or withering of material due to prolonged sun exposer. They can easily last for up 50 to 60 years, with little or no maintenance and without compromising their functionality.

2. Eco friendly

As uPVC windows are eco-friendly and have an average life span of around 60-80 years and are made by recycling process to sustain minimal long-term impact on the environment. Even you are replacing the old upvc windows, they can recycle, and can be reused to make other products such as pipes and plumbing fitting impacting no harm to the environment.

3. Weather resistant

The geometry of the uPVC windows remains intact even in severe weather conditions. The uPVC does not react with water and air hence does not allows to shrink and expand, ensuring smooth operation in any weathering conditions. The weather seals ensure good weather-resistant properties and prevent water leakage.

4. Smooth operation

The geometric stability of uPVC windows in any weather allows them to operate smoothly without making any noise.

5. Fire retardant

When it comes to fire safety, uPVC windows are the best choice to make. The chlorine content of the uPVC windows acts as fire retardant as it does not cause, support, or enhance fire spreading.

6. Soundproofing

It also offers you great sound insulation that you can sleep like a baby even when there is a building construction just next door no noise no worries.

7. Security

Door and window security are paramount to any home, this is why UPVC exceeds expectations with an ultra-light yet sturdy frame, used in conjunction with various locking combinations to prevent an intruder from breaking in.

Built and glazed security standards of uPVC windows offer something very different security making it virtually impossible to gain access.

8. Customizable/ Aesthetically pleasing

uPVC windows are the perfect blend of style and practicality with both modern and sleek looks with different options of colors and finishing. It comes in a variety of types like sliding, side-hung, twin sash, etc making a customizable option for window treatment that will go perfectly with your interior schemes.

uPVC windows can be customized to any shape and style to suit your property and specifications.

9. Low maintenance

While uPVC windows can stand up to the weather and requires less maintenance than naturally occurring counterpart material windows like wood. As these windows are termite and corrosion-free this decreases the overall maintenance cost of windows.

10. Great Insulation/ Energy Efficient

Investing in the uPVC windows and doors prevents heat ingress, balancing the indoor temperature. This makes this suitable for every weather condition. Also, superior thermal insulation due to poor conduction of heat, helping you keep your energy bills down.

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