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Are Rain Gutters Necessary to be on all Sides of the House?

Are Rain Gutters Necessary?

Gutters are an essential part of the architecture of any house and nowadays are standard in most homes. But are rain gutters necessary? In this article, we will find all the information about rain gutters, so keep reading till the end.

Rain gutters may seem like an extremely simple fixture, but they serve a very crucial purpose. The most significant purpose they serve is guiding rainwater off the roof and away from the structure’s foundation. This prevents rainwater from damaging the foundation of the building over time.

During rain or a storm, the water runs off the roof of a house and hits the ground. If this water is not diverted away it would keep falling to the ground near the foundation of your house. Over time, this would lead to the soil eroding and water seeping down to the foundation.

This can lead to leaks in your basement or cause structural instability. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the water slide off your roof is diverted in a way that does not lead to such issues.

Are Gutters Needed on All Sides of the House?

Some people tend to believe that you only need gutters on the rain-facing side of your house. Although, installing gutters on all sides of your house can be a life-saver as the cost of fixing damages to your foundation can be significantly higher than the cost of installing gutters.

How your rain gutters should be installed would depend on a few different factors:

Factors to consider before gutter installation


Many houses have multiple levels on their roofs, which result in multiple slopes. It is recommended that you install gutters along all slopes on your roof so the gutter system can catch the water on all sides. On the other hand, some houses have roofs divided into two slopes. In this case, it is only natural to have gutters along the two edges.


If the area you live in receives large amounts of rain, it is more important to have a proper gutter system installed. Areas with extremely heavy rain may require you to install additional accessories to prevent damage to your property.

Do Gutters Require Maintenance?

If you have gutters installed on your roof to guide the water away from the foundation, it is extremely important to take proper care of your gutter system. If your gutters get clogged with debris and/or dirt, this can disrupt the water flow, which can result in overflowing and unexpected damage to your property.

Is it Safe to not Install Gutters?

In most cases, installing gutters is the way to go. However, certain structures may not allow you to install a gutter system if it was not planned for, beforehand. For such buildings, it is recommended to have other drainage systems in place to prevent water damage.

Roofs with a long overhang can guide the water far enough to not damage the main structure. Although, installing an effective gutter system can still be beneficial.

Additionally, houses located in areas that see very little rain may also not require rain gutters. Rain gutters can easily start accumulating damage in harsh sunlight if left neglected for too long. Therefore, installing them in locations where it does not rain often can be a bad investment. However, if you are someone who will ensure proper maintenance of their gutter system then it can always be a great addition to your house.


Installing a gutter system on all four sides of your house can be a great investment if you experience moderate to heavy rainfall in your area. It can help you avoid major damage to your property and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Depending on where you live and what type of property you live in, you may be able to avoid installing gutters. Nevertheless, it is almost always a good idea to install them.

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