Amazing Mind and Health Benefits of Backward Walking and Running

benefits of backward walking


You must have tried walking and jogging to maintain your physical fitness. Rounding in the morning impact positively on our body. Cardiac activities not only strengthen muscles but also improves the functioning of the lungs.

In forward we don’t have to be conscious as we are used to it and doing it from birth, but this is not the case with backword walking.

Backward walking is more a mental task than a physical task as your mind is not used to it, and running in the reverse direction multiplies the challenges.

Researchers have proved that backward walking makes your workout 10 times effective and intense. You may feel weird in the starting, but once you will start doing it regularly you will get used to it.

Health Benefits of Backward Walking and Running

There are tons of benefits of backward walking for your mental as well as physical health. This can provide variety to your routine exercises. This breaks the same training regime in which your body and mind got used to by following the same routine.

The Health benefits of backward walking or running have been backed by research. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine signifies that reverse walk improves cardiorespiratory and causes significant changes in body composition.

In daily routine exercises, your fitness improvement stuck to a certain level, here backward walking acts as shock training to the settled body.

Sharpen Your Senses

If you incorporate a backward walk into your regular exercise schedule it will aid in sharpening your senses. You will have mental clarity which eventually boosts the consciousness of your mind.

A study released shows that it improves balance which releases hormones responsible for happiness.

Build Leg Muscles

As forward walking or running only helps in building forward leg muscles. Reverse walk challenges backward leg muscles. This regulates the proper blood flow inside the body.

Backward walking stretches your side stomach muscle which can act as a good way to punch your big tummy.

Soothing Back Pain

Research has proved that backward walking improves flexibility in hip flexor muscles, which are often the source of lower back pain. It also boosts metabolism, increases energy level, helps to have sound sleep by relaxing your mind.

Reduces Knee Pain

Backward walking allows you to gain balanced antagonist knee muscles pair i.e., Hamstrings and Quadriceps. Having strong and balance knee muscles helps you to go long way in reducing knee joint pain. 

How to Do Reverse Walking?

  • Doing it 3-4 times a week for 10 to 15 min is enough to reflect its desired benefits.
  • Beginners can start to this technique by slow walking in a backward direction once you get comfortable with it then you can start trying to run in the backward direction.
  • Concentrate on every step you are putting in the backward direction, this will help your mind to adapt it in a faster manner.
  • Put your foot backward in a linear way to maximize the muscles stretching, which allows getting benefits of reverse walking rapidly.

Precautions to take while backward walking

Although it has tons of benefits, it is equally important to do it rightly to maximize the benefits of walking backward.

This can be done indoors if you have free 10-15 feet long free path, but make sure that there are no rugs or furniture around.

For those who have joined the gym to get fit and try it doing on the treadmill but be cautious that speed is optimum. You can take the support of treadmill railings.

If you are doing it in the garden make sure you will not have a collision with others, or don’t have any obstacles in between. It is advisable to do it when you have someone around to keep an eye on you.

This was the long list of amazing benefits of walking or running in a backward direction, so you are good to go and transform your overall health.