Master bedroom decor ideas

master bedroom decor

If you are looking for master bedroom decor ideas that can help out to get your dream master bedroom. Explore through this bedroom decor ideas and apply some of it which matches your personal style.

  1. Go for casual-

Casual style prefers things slightly off balance, like mixtures of furniture styles and lots of texture as in this long rectangle, compact bedroom there is perfect blend of texture and style.

Casual bedroom
Image Credit: Pexels

2. Go for brighter tone.

Going for brighter color tone wake up a boring bedroom. Brighter colors help space to feel spacious and cheery. This bedroom designed by Lindsey Brier uses neutral beige palette to look it timeless and sophisticated.

Bright tone bedroom
Image credit: Traditionalhome

3. Floating Shelf

Take an advantage of available vertical space by installing floating shelf. Using unique shelf styling is a low risk/high reward way to showcase interior designing skills.

floating shelf
Image Credit: Getty Images

4. Creating a storage

This floor to ceiling shelf with drawers at bottom and open shelves at upper side. This type of furniture helps to keep space neat and clean. In this bedroom Shelf surrounding the headboard making it eye capturing focal point.

long heighten shelve
Image credit: pixabay

5. Wallpaper

Make a statement with bold and modern wallpaper along the wall. Wallpaper creates a dazzling accent along with creating a spacious illusion. Here in this image stylized or impressionistic flower wallpaper highlighting the roughness of exposed brick.

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6. Color Scheme

Vibrating and inviting color scheme always keeps mood boosting. Match window curtains color to bedroom color scheme. If your bedroom has limited access to light use sheer curtains, as it allows more light to enter from window.

grey colored bedroom
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7. Headboard

Get personalized headboard to match bedroom theme. After all headboard acts as focal point of bedroom and keeps the power of changing vibe of room. Use of wall decor frames above the heading section of the bed can be alternatives for headboard.

bed with headboard

8. A reading nook

Create a space to hang other than your bed. You can’t lie down all the time especially if you have reading habit before going to sleep. Well-designed reading nook in bedroom actually push us to read more books. In this image library space is offering some practical value.

Reading nook in bedroom
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9. Book Storage

If you are passionate reader and have bunch of books make book shelf beside your bed to accommodate your loved books. In this bedroom this long and flat shelf offers a bedtime reading storage for reading lovers.

long shelf in bedroom
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10. A small space for a computer or a home-office

If you are desperate to have office inside a home and don’t have dedicated room to work, designing a home office by adding working desk inside the bedroom can be a best option. Check here more fabulous ideas for home office in the bedroom.

small office in bedroom
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11. Wall Gallery

Wall gallery brings life to empty walls. Hanging your favorite frames on wall can create a new cool arrangement for your bedroom. As in this image imaginary line separate the frames to change the mood of the room.

bedroom with wall frame hanging on wall
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