7 Best Grill Sandwich Maker to Buy Online in India (2021)

best grill sandwich maker

You know having a good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.  But because of the modern life and hectic work schedule make it a little bit hard to have your meal on time.

If you are one of those who always skip your meal due to your hectic work schedule? In this case, the best grill sandwich maker(s) in India help to prepare your breakfast in no time.

Whether you are a student or a working professionals, sandwiches are considered to best and quick lunch item to prepare and satisfy your appetite in just a couple of minutes.

Grill sandwich maker can help you to a great extent to prepare a delicious and healthy sandwich in no time. But before making any buying decision, you need to consider some of the aspects of sandwich maker like budget, functionalities, features, types, and so on.

Don’t worry our review of the best grilling sandwich makers will make it easier to buy your grill sandwich maker according to your need, budget, and eating habits.

We have included the best brands of sandwich makers which are popular among the people for providing quality home appliances. Let’s have a look.

1. Borosil Jumbo 1000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

The superjumbo grill sandwich maker from Borosil allows you to grill 4 regular-sized sandwiches at the same time. This is the perfect option for health-conscious people as the oil collector tray collects the extra dripping oil or butter.

The 105° opening lids allow easy assembly and removal, it is a perfect option for families who like to eat together or like to party frequently. The 1350 W power on this sandwich maker, combined with the deep ribs ensures crisp grilling to get perfectly toasted sandwiches in a jiffy.

Special Features


Borosil jumbo sandwich maker comes with stainless steel mirror finish body with rubber feet to avoid slipping on the countertop. An indicator display on the top side of the sandwich maker makes it easier to operate.

Deep Grill Plates

Easy clean coated, and larger deep grill plates ensure crisp grilling of your sandwiches.

1000-Watt Power

1000 W power ensures the fast grilling of sandwiches.


MaterialMetal and Ceramic Coating
Item Dimensions35.1 x 29.4 x 12.8 Centimeters
Weight1750 gm
Wattage1350 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

2. Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD 01

Prestige one of the popular brands in home appliances manufacturing especially kitchen appliances. Prestige has come up with a new model of PGMFD 01 Prestige Sandwich maker that has die-cast aluminum grill plates.

Prestige PGMFD 01 sandwich maker has German technology non-stick coating for oil-free grilling. This sandwich maker can help you grill cheesy, mouth-watering sandwiches to fill your appetite.   

Special Features

Compact Design

New Compact design with heat resistant, Bakelite body along with durable die-cast aluminum grill plates.

Light Indicator

Red and Green indicator lights indicated timely when you plugged in, preheated grill, and when the sandwich is cooked.

Non-stick Grill Plates

German technology grebion non-stick coating grilling plates help to grill sandwiches at no or very less amount of oil or butter. Non-stick grill plates are also easy to clean as nothing sticks to them.


Item Dimensions51 x 31.1 x 12.4 Centimeters
Weight1320 Grams
Wattage800 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

3. V-Guard VSG75 2 Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

V-Guard VSG75 is another entry in the best grill sandwich makers which makes snack-time more exciting. V-Guard’s sleek and bold candy red finish body looks elegant. Its food-grade dual non-stick coating ensures easy release of sandwich which makes cleaning it convenient.

Tight locking prevents ingredients from spilling over and helps proper sealing of sandwiches.  This compact grill sandwich maker equipped with 750W powerful heating coils ensures quick and uniform heating. Fixed grilling plates allow cooking delicious sandwiches which are free of burnt edges and uncooked centers.

Special Features

Food Grade Dual Non-Stick Coating

100% food-grade dual non-stick coating, ensures not sticking of food to the grill. It allows safe use by minimizing messes and reduces the cleaning efforts.

Fixed Grill Plates

Fixed grill plates with power heating rods facilitate uniform heating to get properly cooked sandwiches.

Cool Touch Handles

Cool-touch handles with a special press lock allow it to use without gloves or oven mitts and protect you from accidental burns.

Dual LED Indicator and Intelligent Thermostat

A Dual LED Indicator coupled with an Intelligent Thermostat signal red and green-lit lights specifying pre-heating, cooking, and ready-to-eat.


Item Dimensions21 x 23 x 9 Centimeters
Weight1.1 Kilograms
750 Watts750 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

4. Cello Super Club 200+ Open Grill Sandwich Maker

The next entry in the list of best grill sandwich makers in India is from the brand Cello. Cello Group always strives towards introducing a world-class appliance enduring relationship of trust and commitment among the people.

Cello Super Club 200+ sandwich maker comes with a 2-year warranty description. Its adjustable floating hinged top plate allows fitting different types of bread. Cello Super 200+ comes with a special feature of an openable grill plate which makes hassle-free cleaning.

Special Features

Openable and Adjustable top grill plate

Openable grill plate makes cleaning hassle-free and the adjustable floating hinged grill plate of this sandwich maker allows to align food inside properly.

Light Indicator

Power on and ready light indicator makes cooking safer and prevents overcooking or burning of sandwiches.

Cord Storage

Cello Super Club 200+ is equipped with special cord storage space, as you can wind power cord around when the product is not in use.


Item Dimensions30.8 x 23.4 x 10.4 cm
Weight1.51 Kilograms
750 Watts750 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

5. Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Plus Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club sandwich maker outranks others in terms of cost, as this is available on amazon at the best affordable price. The stylish look of this appliance makes it an eye-catching piece to have in your kitchen.

Special Features


This sandwich maker is best in quality along with a reliable brand that comes in a low price range.


This cookware is made from high gauge and pure grade Aluminium which provides higher efficiency during grilling.

Heat resistance material

Heat resistance material-made handles help to cook efficiently and protect your hand from burning. Its non-stick grill plates cook sandwiches with less oil making them healthy.


MaterialDurable die-cast aluminum
Item Dimensions2.3 x 2.3 x 3.5 cm
Weight1.53 Kilograms
750 Watts750 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

6. iBELL SM 515 750-Watt Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

iBell is another sandwich maker that you can rely upon, iBell SM 515 stylish and elegant finish makes it modern-day kitchen appliances. This comes thermostatically-controlled heating element and adjustable hinges to equipped multi-layered sandwiches.

It has an open to 180 Degree Button for hassle-free operation, a hand lock clip to ensure proper grilling, stainless steel handle.

Special Features

Shock Proof Body

iBell SM 515 Sandwich maker comes with a shockproof body that allows you to cook efficiently without worrying about safety.

Floating Hinges

Floating hinges allow adjusting space in between grill making it convenient to cook multi-layered sandwiches of your choice.

180 Degree Open Button

It has 180 open buttons on the side to open it completely before or after the cooking. It also has an inbuild hand lock clip which ensures that the sandwich will remain intact with the grill plates.


Item Dimensions26 x 23 x 7.5 Centimeters
Weight1.52 Kilograms
750 Watts750 Watts
Voltage240 Volts

7. iBELL SM301 750 Watt 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker

Everybody will love this 3 in 1 sandwich maker which comes with 3 replace non-sticking plates that allow you to toast, waffle, and grill your dishes. Just press the button and your sandwich maker will be ready to perform another function. Take a glance at its features to know how it can be your snack time kitchen buddy.

Special Features

Thermostatic Heating Element

A thermostatically-controlled heating element prevents your dishes from burning out and cooks them evenly.

Replaceable Grill Plates

iBell SM301 Sandwich maker comes with 3 changeable grill plates with just a push of a button. These three plates make it multifunctional and you don’t need to spend to buy an individual toaster, wafer, and griller.


Item Dimensions26.5 x 26.2 x 16.9 cm
Weight2.3 Kilograms
750 Watts750 Watts
Voltage240 Volts