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Common causes and ways to fix clogged toilet

The clogged toilet might occur at any point in time, but a few blockages might be seasonal because of your lifestyle and change in temperature. If you experience a clogged toilet that causes the most inconvenience and concern, you must prefer to call your plumber to fix it.

You might need a few maintenance and cleaning tips if the problem is not too big. But, if anything goes serious, you might even need to change your whole pipeline. Most of the pipe blockages will require the expertise of a plumber to remove the obstruction. Here are some causes of the clogged toilet in the home and what you can do to fix it. 

Common causes of clogged toilet

Tree Roots

One of the most common causes of a clogged toilet is the tree roots. The tree roots will even penetrate waste pipes outside of your house if there is any crack in the line or the root is strong enough to break the pipes. The tree roots are horrible for your pipes. Sometimes, this blockage can be widespread in your home with giant trees if you do not fix them right time.


Because of the high usage of toilet paper, there has been an increased use of flushable paper towels and wipes. Before COVID hit out shored, it was a problem because of poor packaging that advised that they needed to be flushed. Sometimes the packaging is made out of plastic and this also causes blockage of the pipeline.

If you use paper towels and wipes, you must bin them instead of flushing them. The toilet paper disintegrates into the water, and the paper towel and wipes caused significant blockage to the toilet and further down the drain from the property. 

Small Objects Such as Toys

Flushing out small objects down the toilet is way more preventable, but with the kids, it might be sometime inevitable. The kids love to be curious, and you cannot stay beside them 24/7. If your child has flushed a toy and the bowl gets filled after flushing, it needs a concern to be fixed.

A Rodding machine is the only way to blast out the blockage, and the drain snake or electric eel might retrieve it if your child desperately wants it. 


Hair is a common cause of shower blockages. Accumulation of hair mixed with the conditioners and shampoo might create a slurry at the bottom of the drain, and it might cause blockages. 

How to fix clogged toilet?

Jet rodding machine

The only way to fix the blockages is to use the jet rodding machine. If your drainage system requires to be selected, the pipe’s relaying and excavation will need, and the pipe might be internally relined without excavating, depending on the break. 

Drain camera

The drain camera will give a clear picture of the best way to fix the problem and prevent blockage from starting again. It is better to organize a yearly drain and inspection to prevent unexpected blockage. 

Drainage cleaner

Using a drain clear with sulphury acid will even eat away the slurry and clean out the shower drain. The Sani-snake might even clear obstructive mass. Do not force it after washing your hair to prevent hair from going down. It would be best to retrieve the stands and put them in the bin. You can even add shower hair strainers in-floor gate.


Drain blockages are very common in every house, but they can be very hectic if something significant happens. It is advised to call clogged toilet expert plumber because you will have to face huge circumstances if anything goes wrong.

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