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10 Types of Kitchen Sinks to Know Before Buying

The kitchen sink leads a very active lifestyle from food preparation workflows to cleaning chores. Your kitchen sink is fiendishly a useful feature without which you simply cannot go a single day apart from being functional. The kitchen sink should mix well with an overall kitchen design and must reflect your unique style eminently.

We have compiled the list of the 9 most popular styles of kitchen sink ranging between style and number of bowls it consists. Each type has its own pros and cons, narrowed down the following list to make an extensive selection of sink that suits your kitchen.

1. Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl kitchen sink is the simplest form of sink with no partition in between. Farmhouse sink, drainboard sink, undermount sink, bar, integrated all are the part of single bowl sink. The single bowl sink provides maximum space to wash big items like your microwave accessories.

Single bowl sink comes in a variety of materials steel, marble, porcelain giving the option to choose from larger choices.  

single bowl sink

2. Double bowl sink

Double bowl kitchen sinks have two sinks adjacent and connected to each other. Double bowl sinks normally come with one larger size bowl and one smaller, but you can find the sink having two equal bowls.

The extra bowl provides you the extra space for soaking the dishes or you can add a drying rack over one bowl. Two bowls provide enough space to differentiate to keep or wash utensils of different delicacies separately.

double bowl sink

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A classic farmhouse sink has highly coveted kitchen features like beautiful, spacious, and timeless and adds a distinctive look to any kitchen. A farmhouse sink is not just for the farmhouse kitchen but also works with old age-friendly styles of kitchen. Installing a farmhouse-style kitchen sink is the quickest way to give your kitchen a vintage look.

Farmhouse sink- a high-capacity deep basin maximizes your workspace and makes it useful for washing large pots, big baking sheets, and oven trays that you would generally struggle to wash in a typical sink.

The front of the farmhouse sink remains exposed once it is installed, which enables the user to stand directly in front of the sink, without a countertop in between.

This unique design restricts the water to flow on the cabinet that usually runs through the corner of the sink. There are various options in farmhouse sink like porcelain, marble, steel.

Although it charms your kitchen but has some downsides as it can easily get stain and is very hard to maintain clean. Secondly, the deep and wide structure makes it more likely for dishes or crockeries to break.

farmhouse sink 1

4. Undermount Sink

Undermount sink is named by the way it is installed in relation to kitchen countertop. The edge lip of the sink is mounted below rather than dropped into a pre-cut hole letting no rim between the countertop and sink.

The rimless design left no crevice to catch dirt and can wipe spills directly into the sink. The hidden edges of this sink enhance the style and offer sophisticated kitchen decor.

You can easily find under-mount sinks made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, solid surface, and copper. Both single-bowl and double-bowl variants are available in this type.

under mount sink

5. Top-mount or Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Drop-in or top mount sinks are dropped into the cavity created on the kitchen countertop and then secured. This type of sink is the easiest to install and affordable option to choose from.

With drop-in sinks, the lips of the sink rest on the countertop makes all working areas visible and accessible. However, the seam created between the lip and countertop can build up gunk as well. But is easier to access while cleaning the drop-in sink?

top mount

6. Bar sink

Bar sinks are also referred to as prep sinks, wet-bar sinks, or entertaining sinks, and can be easily recognized by their smaller dimensions. It usually has a square or round shape and normally is smaller in size than the main sink in your kitchen. Bar/prep sinks are almost always single basin and are not cross the diameter of 15 inches.

If you have a spacious kitchen then installing a second sink for supplementary food preparation is always welcome. Installing it makes always a good option if want easy access to running water for preparing and cleaning up from a meal. The bar sink along with the main kitchen sink allows multiple people to prep food at the same time.

bar sink

7. Drainboard sink

The Drainboard kitchen sink is a combination of two, featuring a washbasin on one side and a drainboard on another side. Because the drainboard portion has a subtly angle down which traps water streaks freely cascade into the basin.

The Drainboard kitchen sink does a good job at keeping kitchen countertops clean and sheen by draining all water through the grooved surfaced panel.

This is a great option to install if you frequently wash utensils and allows you to drain water from them for further use.

drainboard sink

8. Corner sink

Small kitchens which are lean on space, corner sink allows taking advantage of unused corner preserving as much work area as possible. It benefits to use every inch of space without breaking the flow of L or U-shaped countertop.

Another advantage of a corner sink include is that it offers very short distances to access within your kitchen. 

corner sink1

9. Integrated kitchen sink

In an integrated kitchen sink, the sink is fused and integrated into the countertop. The integrated sink is made from the same material of counter-top creating a clean and seamless appearance. Integrated sinks can be manufactured from a variety of materials like steel, marble, granite.

A single piece of countertop and sink creates a seamless extension of the countertop lending a luxurious vibe. One-piece construction doesn’t leave any crevices for food to be stuck or for water to spill out through the crease. Easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal offering make it a lovable choice.

integrated sink

10. Island sink

As defined by the name it is placed on the kitchen island, and normally is smaller in shape. Island provides additional counter space in the kitchen making your cooking more convenient. Adding sink over kitchen island aids in creating perfect working triangle i.e., sink, hob, and fridge.

island sink 1 1

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