Different Types of Window Frames for your Dream Home

If you are purchasing new windows or replacing old ones, selecting the right window frames is a step you must do with utmost care.

The frame of the window is one of the most significant things you need to keep in mind when it comes to picking the right window for your house.

Frames are the structural backbone of a window, and a high-quality frame will keep a window functioning for a long time than you’ll predict. So, if you are wondering about buying windows, start by focusing on the frames and then worry about the glass.

In this article, there is an introduction to different window frames that you can pick for your windows.

Types of window frames

Once you conclude that it is time to change your windows, you will need to decide which material is right for your window frame and your house.

These are some of the most commonly used window frames for the house and other purposes.

There are 4 major types of window frames: vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wooden, and composite. It is most significant to consider the profit of each to determine which type suits your needs. Here’s some information on each of them in detail.

●          Vinyl Window Frames:

Vinyl replacement window frames are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is the same material usually used to make pipes and fittings for plumbing.

Vinyl is the best choice for those thinking to experiment with window frame designs to match their home style. These frames are also easily affordable and are known for being good insulators.

So, Vinyl window frames are one of the most famous choices due to their affordable price and less maintenance required to keep them looking neat.

But when it comes to durability wooden and aluminum windows are better choices. Vinyl windows also do not have the aesthetic charm which wooden or aluminum windows do.

So, although they are more energy-saving than standard frames, the main disadvantage is their appearance.

●          Aluminum Window Frames:

Aluminum windows are known for their durability. Also, Aluminum requires little to no maintenance and is very light yet strong.

Sadly, Aluminum frames are not very energy-saving. Aluminum is a very poor insulator because it conducts heat very speedily.

However, they will not wear out in sunlight, and they will not rot or mold from the common wear problems that affect other materials.

In the matter of price, you will spend more on aluminum windows as compared with vinyl or fiberglass, though they are usually a bit less expensive than wooden windows.

●          Fiberglass Window Frames:

Fiberglass windows are not a common but durable window installation choice, and they also require mere maintenance.

Fiberglass is the most reliable option among all, as it is comparatively stronger and harder when compared to vinyl or any other material as such.

However, fiberglass is more costly than vinyl. Also, it requires more maintenance as these types of window frames need to be re-painted over time.

Fiberglass window frames are known to undergo climate and temperature changes better than any other material. That is because fiberglass is so close in composition to the glass panes used to make up windows, so both materials expand and contract about the same amount during temperature changes.

Fiberglass is known to be a great insulator and it is excellent for avoiding the transfer of heat. Although, fiberglass windows appear a little dull and less attractive. The window material is a little expensive and can cost as much as or more than aluminum or wooden windows.

●          Wooden Window Frames:

Wooden windows most popular for their durability, they are also attractive and are meant to last for a very long time when maintained properly.

These types of window frames have been preferred in homes for hundreds of years, although they have adjusted to modern standards, they still offer the same strength and attractive appeal that they always have.

Wooden window frames are a popular choice because of their style. They appear and feel aesthetic, can be designed to match your interior and exterior style accordingly. Plus, wood is a great insulator, which makes these windows very energy-saving.

However, the disadvantage to wood is that it requires much maintenance to keep it looking good. It is also subjected to natural factors like mold, rot, and termites. When it comes to affordability, wood is also a more costly option.


We have listed some popular types of Window Frames that are easily available and are preferred by a lot of people. There are many more options which you can explore.

But considering actual requirements you can opt for the best type of window frame that will not only enhances your house’s exterior look but also provides durability.

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