Early Signs Of Bed Bugs Presence Inside Your House.

early signs of bed bugs

Bed bugs are indeed pesky. Such insects are not frequently noticed by human beings because of their tiny structure. They generally cling to the furniture and backpacks. The detection of these little brown creatures is not an easy task.

Bed bugs are harmful to humans as they feed on our blood. This gives them the energy for their growth and development. Though it is hard for these insects to fly, they move around the roof and floor of your space.

What makes it difficult to spot them is their small size. Almost hundreds of eggs are laid by the female bed bugs and all are as small as dust particles. When you travel from one place to another you may unknowingly carry the bugs along with you; hence traveling is one of the major causes behind the spreading of these insects.

They are commonly called bed bugs because the mattresses and cots are their usual hiding spots. A bug clan can be spotted underneath your bed as its tiny size makes it more convenient for the pest to fit into such narrow areas.

Such species reproduce very fast leading to the formation of larger groups of such annoying insects. They move across quickly and though tiny, they have the capacity to shift from one room to another with less time.

It can be quite disturbing as they can spread out at a faster pace and they also tend to bite people at night. This will disrupt your sleep and people who are allergic to bugs should be extra cautious. Initially, their bites may not be painful or not even felt, but later on you it starts to be prominent in the form of small blisters.

Since they bite at night, the bite marks will be seen only in the parts exposed while you sleep. There are chances for you to ignore the existence of such irritating bugs in your location. You may also mistake it to be a mosquito or an ant bite.

Bug infestation is a common issue faced by the residents in Gold Coast and if not treated at the right time, the attack can be worse. Even if you have the slightest of doubts, make sure you specifically check out the bugs or take the help of efficient pest control experts to prevent a huge attack by their community. Spotting them at an early stage will prevent their spread to a great extent. Getting rid of them, in the long run, will not be an easy job.

Some of the early signs that will help you detect the bed bugs

  • Dark patches on the beds, pillowcases, and sheets.
  • Blood stains on the bedsheets or your cloths
  • Bed bugs skin around the home space
  • Bite marks or skin irritation
  • Bed bugs eggs around the space

mentioned below and it will indeed be very helpful for those struggling to get away with these insects.

Dark patches on the beds, pillowcases, and sheets 

Identifying these tiny insects is a hectic piece of work. The small size makes their spotting even more inconvenient. Sometimes you may happen to find dark shaded patches or stains on your beds.

This pigmentation is usually the fecal matter produced by bed bugs. The blood they feed upon will not be digested as a result of which they tend to release such stains which are the waste products of the bed bugs. Double-check on the pillows, box springs, and bed sheets for such bug infestation. If you notice them do not delay the course of action.

Treat them immediately to avoid the further spread of these bugs. Even your cupboards may be home to such creatures. Never leave out any edges when you go in search of these bugs as the corners are also bug-prone.

Blood Stains on Bed Sheets or Cloths

These stains are nothing but the pigmentation of your blood. Bugs feed on human blood and the marks are formed when you move around the bed in your sleep. The bugs may get squeezed which results in stain formation. This is also a commonly observed sign of the bug’s existence on your mattress.

Check for Bed Bug Skin around

As a part of the growing stage, these nymphs, the younger ones of the bed bugs, tend to shed their skin. This can be found out easily because they look somewhat like the bug; the only difference is that they are colorless or semi-transparent.

These are a few of the early signs of bed bugs on the bed. You can also look for the tiny eggshells on your sheets or cots. Hence, this method will be useful and effective if you are trying to eliminate the annoyance caused by the bug invasion.

Bite Marks or Skin Irritation

If a bed bug bites your skin, the patches will often swell up. They may also be dark red and result in itchy skin. A lot of irritation is caused to the area of your body exposed when you sleep.

The common areas of bug attack are the arms, shoulders, and face. Such signals also indicate the presence of bed bugs. Do not mistake it to be some other random insect if you experience such symptoms.

Ignorance will only lead to further trouble, so take the necessary precaution and spot the early signs of bed bugs on sheets before the outbreak becomes intense.

Carefully Spot the Bug Eggs

These little creatures do not just stick onto the mattress, they can also cling to the surface of your ceiling. Hence locating the bug eggs is going to be a tedious task because they are approximately just 1 mm in size. Imagine how small they will be! But bugs prefer being close to their source of food and so are commonly found on beds.

If you are lucky enough, you can find them walking around during the day. Put an end to the infestation before the issue becomes a lot more serious.