epoxy flooring benefits

9 Convincing Epoxy Flooring Benefits and Advantages

For optimum productive and safe working environment inside residential or commercial buildings, you need to ensure the installation of efficient and stylish flooring. But epoxy will definitely make the right choice from various flooring options.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy flooring is a type of protective coating made from mixing the resin and hardening chemicals in liquid form. With time this liquid coating tends to get hard and transform into a rigid plastic material making flooring resistant and durable.

The chemical reaction between resin and hardener forms the cross-polymer structure which has the ability to be strong and stain-resistant.

Epoxy coating can be applied in single or multiple coats on top of the existing floor substrate. The existing substrate being cement concrete or some other types. The application of epoxy flooring needs experienced professionals. An expert examines the surface and suggests the right type of epoxy coating for the application.

As epoxy is hard, durable, shiny there are many benefits of epoxy flooring, we have explored some of the incredible epoxy flooring benefits.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

1. Protective and Durable

Epoxy floors provide protection and endure wear and tear caused by sudden accidents, or heavy day-to-day strenuous activities. In residential places having epoxy on top can protect the floor from damage, cracks, and dust. That is the main and very important reason why epoxy flooring can be the best option to apply over the floor.

Epoxy flooring bonds seamlessly than concrete flooring and does not crack or chip easily making it an ideal flooring option in commercial and industrial space. It can withstand a minimum of ten years without restricting the traffic flow.

2. Ease of Cleanliness and Hygiene

The seamless and glossy structure of epoxy flooring makes it a breeze for cleaning and maintaining. Mopping and cleaning anything that spilled over the surface can be done with ease.

Smooth and sealed epoxy flooring doesn’t provide crevices. The absence of crevices doesn’t allow nook and crannies where mostly dirt accumulates and bacteria grows over it. This makes epoxy flooring hygienic and free from allergens.

3. Waterproofing

A seamless structure makes it a more waterproof flooring solution as it does not provide any space to absorb water. As epoxy flooring converts into hard plastic that has very resistant properties against the water-resistant.

Epoxy flooring is always a good flooring option for industries whose production process deals with water flooding over the surface. A smooth surface always makes it easy to wipe up the water.

4. Chemical Abrasion

Epoxy floors contain anti-microbial additives that restrict the absorption of many common chemicals such as floor cleaners, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia. It can withstand continued exposure to chemicals and don’t allow penetrate through the floor.

This makes the epoxy coating the perfect flooring choice for moist and heavy traffic areas of your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and sink areas which get an attack by harsh chemicals.

It is a good option to install in chemical industries where floors remain exposed to harsh chemicals. As chemical damage, the concrete floor and needs to be redone.

5. Aesthetic or Decorative Floor Surface

Availability of epoxy floors in multi finishes, colors, and texture not only provides aesthetic value to the overall interior but also provides an option to match it with the rest of your living space. Epoxy coating capability of arranging in a variety of patterns and designs exudes sophistication and style.

Multiple finishes like flake, metallic and polished allows you to create gleaming floor surface at residential as well as commercial spaces.

6. Fast Application

One of the major benefits of installing epoxy flooring is that it is easy and quick in installation. Although it requires professionals to work on but can be ready overnight and you don’t need to shut down foot traffic for long.

7. Economical

Epoxy floor coating can look expensive at one time but it gives you both decorative and durable floors that last for many years. Installing epoxy floors in residential and commercial spaces saves your money on frequent floor replacement and maintenance.

Its property of resistance to dirt and stain will save you from buying unnecessary cleaning tools and products making it a preferred choice for commercial and residential use.

8. Slip-Resistant

Epoxy flooring is impervious to any kind of moisture making it a slip-resistant floor. Slip-resistant additives ensure the safety of your family, customers, and employees by reducing the risks of fall accidents.

9. Environment Friendly

Everlast Epoxy Flooring is doing its part in conserving the environment. As it is made from natural marble and organic resins provides no harm to the environment.

Its non-porous structure leaves no space for dirt and bacteria to accumulate and seamless structure makes its cleaning easy.

It also avoids spending on extra energy spending in the commercial spaces by reflecting light up to 300 percent.

By knowing these wonderful benefits of epoxy flooring you might want to renovate your home with this floor. It is advisable to get work done by professionals only as unfavorable conditions may cause the epoxy floor to bubble up and start peeling. And also, proportional mixing of the two components to form an epoxy floor is needed which needs to be done professionally.