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gas boilers common problems

Bid Goodbye To Your Boiler Problems

Hello! Welcome to the page where you will find a solution to all your common boiler problems and queries. We provide really easy steps on how you can handle them.

Here are some common boiler problems and our advice on dealing with them

Strange noises from the boiler

The strange sounds from a boiler can range from whistling to knocking or even banging. They are usually caused by a whole lot of factors.

If you experience this, do not try to fix it yourself, get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to inspect the boiler and diagnose the problem.

You can book an appointment with us for our Gas Safe Registered engineer now.

An extinguished pilot light

This problem is pretty common and relatively easy to fix. When the pilot light of your boiler goes out, all you need do is to relight it. You can watch videos on how to do this. You can also learn this by reading your boiler manual; there you will find all the instructions you need.

Complete breakdown of boiler during an extremely cold weather

Some boilers breakdown when the weather is very cold (especially during the most freezing winter) because its condensate pipe becomes frozen.

There are videos available on how you can thaw your condensate pipe to fix the issue.

Low water temperature and pressure from your taps

Using two or more hot water taps simultaneously is the major reason your taps produce water with low temperature and pressure. The magnitude of this problem can also be dependent on the type of boiler you are using in your home.

There are taps designed for low-pressure water. To fix this problem, ensure the tap you are using is the suitable one. If you have a challenge with knowing the suitable tap for you, contact a professional engineer.

Relocating your boiler

Boilers can be easily relocated from one position to another and depending on the need, from one room to another. However, this must be in accordance with the building regulations.

To ensure the safety of your boiler during the relocation, ensure a Gas Safe Registered engineer does the boiler installation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

The leakage of carbon monoxide gas is commonly found in old and faulty boiler seep out.This issue is usually treated as an emergency and is usually resolved by getting the boiler repaired by a professional engineer.

However, there are cases where new boilers seep out this dangerous gas too. This is usually due to poor installation. Because of this, we advise that every installation must be done by Gas Safe Registered engineers so that all safety standards will be adhered to.

There are many tips available on how to stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Go through these tips and learn how to recognize the presence of carbon monoxide in your home and what you should do once you detect the problem.

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