8 Amazing Fridge Accessories to keep it clean and organized

fridge accessories

The most unorganized and de-clutter place inside everybody’s house would be a refrigerator.

As it remains closed all the time and doesn’t showcase decluttering from outside, we ignored to keep it organized and clean. But it is of the utmost importance to keep it clean and organized, as we store food items inside the fridge, unhygienic maintenance can impact to health.  

It is possible to maintain hygiene inside the refrigerator as nowadays there are so many fridge accessories are available online at affordable prices. These fridge accessories not only help in organizing items in a proper way but also allows to save space to accommodate more things.

I this article we will explore accessories that help in organizing and decluttering your fridge.

1. Shelf Organiser Rack

You must have found it difficult to draw the last item from the shelf of the refrigerator. To get that single item you need to draw all the products first. Till getting your needed product you end up wasting in electric energy because of the opened fridge door.

This versatile use shelf organizer storage basket helps keep your refrigerator shelf organized. The transparent design of this basket makes the search process easier. You can spot your required product within a second.

The Built-in handles of this rack make it convenient while putting inside or taking outside of the fridge.

2. Double layered plastic egg box

Are you egg lovers and consume it on daily basis? You must be getting short of the space to accommodate eggs inside inbuilt fridge egg holders.

If this is the case with you must order this dashing double-layered egg box. This transparent egg box can hold 24 eggs safely inside the fridge.

3.PVC mat

How many times it did happen with you that while taking out liquid items from the fridge it escaped from hand and spilled all over inside the fridge. After this mess up it takes time and effort to wipe it and clean.

But the use of this refrigerator shelf PVC mat can save your fridge floor from getting dirty. You can take out these mats and wash them easily using detergent or dish cleaners.

Along with saving your fridge from getting chaotic it also resists the compartment tray from getting scratch which can easily get while dragging utensils over a tray.

4. Net Bag

This set of 12 reusable net bags holds your food items like fruits, vegetables safe inside the fridge. These bags help to put your things organized and restrict your fridge from getting declutter.

These bags are foldable, washable which can allow you to use them as many times as you want.

5. Bag Zipper/Bag Clipper

In today’s fast food friendly world lot of foods, items come in plastic bags. So, after the first use, it makes it very difficult to store it without a mess. It always puts you at risk of spilling it inside the fridge. If it left keep open there is a risk of rotting of food.

In this case either we have to empty it in a jar which accommodates more space inside the fridge. To avoid this mess, you can pack leftover items in a plastic bag with these bag clippers.

Convenient, durable, and reusable seal clips can help you to avoid a mess of packing and unpacking plastic bags. Different sizes of zipper clips make it convenient to seal a bag of any size.

It also provides tight sealing to keep your food items fresh and tasty for a longer period of time.

6. Refrigerator Trolly

Do you live in a rented place and your refrigerator doesn’t have a fixed spot to hang on? Or you are a home decor lover who always likes to make changes to save space in the kitchen by changing the spots of the appliances.

This adjustable trolley with wheels can help you to move your refrigerator here and there frequently. Adjustable functionality of this allows placing any appliances like washing machine, dishwasher.

Even if you upgrade your appliances to a bigger size its adjusting functionality allows you to the extent its service. 

7. Dust Cover

While cooking fridge top is the easiest accessible place you find to keep your accessories like phone, letters, etc. But placing and messing it with too many things outrages your new refrigerator look.

It is advisable to use a dust cover that comes with a side pocket that provides extra functionality to accommodate your belongings that would be lying here and there.

This waterproof dust covers also save your refrigerator from getting problematic with mistakenly spilling liquids items over the top.  

8. Side Hanging Storage Rack

Made from high-quality stainless steel helps you to accommodate more kitchen belongings clean and organized. These 3 layered racks could hold jars, bottles, brushes that could not find the place inside the fridge and can be store at room temperature.

You can stand foil paper roll on it and hooks on the downside can hang all kitchen utensils like spatula, spoon. You can buy it here on Amazon.in

I hope these fridge accessories could help you to make your kitchen living better. Some accessories will generate more space and some will helps to keep your food fresh for longer.