1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs to Make Life Comfortable

1 bedroom granny flat desings

If you have aging family members, it is best to relocate them on the house’s ground floor with all basic amenities like the toilet and the kitchen at a close distance from the room. It helps the aging family members to move less inside the house yet utilize the facilities with total confidence.

However, not many people have such provisions on their ground floor. Therefore, it is best to build granny flats in the adjoining plot of the main building. The concept is slowly becoming popular because of its functionality and value addition.

They are self-contained apartments on the ground, and usually, they have one large room and kitchen and toilet. These types of accommodations are ideal for aging parents and family members. One can build them in various designs, but the most popular and common among them are different one-bedroom granny flat designs.

More About Them

One-bedroom granny flat designs match the accessory dwelling unit designs in the construction industry, and many people consider them as tiny independent living units. They can be detached or attached to the main building. The average floor area is between 100 to 400 square feet. Even many people have unique 1 bedroom granny flat designs within 80 square feet floor area.

The Usage

Although the bedroom granny flat designs are traditionally meant for aging family members, people are using these rooms to create a separate space for their kids. Some people are also using the additional space to make earnings in the form of rentals. Hence, then granny flats prove to be a good choice when it comes to usability part.

The Amenities

As an engineer the chalks the designs on the drawing sheet, the main concern is to accommodate everything similar to those in the full-size dwelling units. We can say that the plans are a replication of full-sized houses but in miniature size.

The kitchen and the toilet are a bit small; the bedroom is also such that it can accommodate only one or two people. The primary purpose is to restrict the movement of the elderly inside the house yet keep them happy.

With the advancement of technology, one can install continuous monitoring facilities without breaching the privacy of the elderly and can even add medicine dispensers. Even equipment for checking some medical parameters is also included in the one-bedroom granny flat designs. 

It makes it easier for other family members to remotely monitor the activities and health of the aged family members staying inside the granny pod and take appropriate action at the right moment.

Things To Consider In The Designs

When you are constructing a granny flat, its design plays an important role in defining aesthetics and functionality.

Here are a few of the important parameters:

The Room Size

One should always be aware of the room size. The manufacturers or the building contractor’s website do not show every detail of the floor plan. One should make sure to ask for the details and then finalize the deal. One can use many drawing programs online and draw after measuring and furniture and fixture inside.

The Right Placement of Plumbing Accessories

As plumbing is an expensive affair, one should always consider the kitchen, the toilet, and the laundry area close. It will cut down the overall cost without compromising on the facilities.

Check the Energy Efficiency

Again, make sure that the one-bedroom granny flat designs comply with a 6-star energy rating and therefore add adequate windows and lights for making them energy-saver dwelling units.

Conclusion Granny pods are ideal for the elderly family member of the house. The young Turks also like them to enjoy life in their style. However, consider the suitable one-bedroom granny flat designs to fulfill your objective without much expense. It is time to give better living standards to the aging members of the family.