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Hallway and stairway decor ideas to inject a dose of style.

We generally use hallway or stairway as just a way to a living room or bedroom or kitchen, or in Indian homes mostly these spaces are used to keep to store extra things that we rarely use on daily basis hence we belittle the hallway or stairway area when it comes to decor your home but now in modern era trend is changing every one eye on the home decor and make sure that this hallway or stairway should be a focal point which will give a fancy and modern look to your home. Because this is the space that greets us every time while accessing other rooms of a home. This hallway or stairway space can be a look enhancer of your home and can play an important role in home decor if we pay little bit decor attention towards it. Here we will guide you step by step at housetransform how to put home decor ideas to decor hallway or stairway effectively for adding a marvelous look to your home.

Check out these ways of hallway or stairway structural alternation for decorative touches.


If your hallway or stairway is too dark and there is no scope for light to appear especially if you live in the kind of terraced house which allows very little light to enter inside the hallway or stairway space. While decorating such space keep in mind that if you paint it in dark colors then it will create a cramped look and restrict the reflection of light. Hence go for light colors like sunny yellow or use white and teak color scheme while painting this type of dark hallway or stairway, light colors will help to soften the overall effect of the hallway or stairway and enhance the light reflection across the home. Even after there is a necessity of light, then decor one of the hallway or stairway wall with wall decor light with a soft ambient glow to add warmth to the wall.

If your hallway or stairway has access to natural light then investigate whether your roof structure allows the fitting of the skylight over your first-floor landing. Combined with light-reflecting decor, this could allow your home at ground level to be constantly flooded with natural light.


The simple and light Color scheme in the hallway or stairway makes space feel airy and light and accentuates its height. When it comes to color combination paint hallway or stairway same as its adjacent room because painting these spaces with a totally different color from other rooms of the house doesn’t give a rich feel to the home.


If you are planning to give structural modification to hallway or stairway then change the structure accordingly because staircase with balustrade restricts the light to enter into the corridor to combat this condition paint balustrade with light colors to soften the overall effect or if you are planning for some major modification and have little bit budget then glass railings can be the best option as glass permit light to enter inside and also inject a dose of style to the balustrade.

If your hallway or stairway has a small window then dress up it with a styled curtain to choose the best curtains accordingly read our article “How to choose curtains accordingly.

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