How To Choose Curtains Accordingly

brown curtains in living

As any decorator will tell you, curtains add glory to home-but only when chosen correctly, and believe me selecting the right curtain among the different types of curtains is the overwhelming process while decoring a home. When it comes to the selection of curtains for the window and door. You may confuse which parameter to consider while selecting the right one should we go with right color and fabric, length and lining, privacy and lighting, measurements, style, etc. We can’t take all the parameters into consideration even housetransform will help you in considering some of the aspects.


The fabric is a significant part to be considered while selecting curtains since the material will decide how well your curtains is going to function and hold up over time.  There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from like cotton, linen, silk, velvet, brocade, and chintz. For your surety, you can find a fabric sample and hold it up against a window to see how well it functions and looks in your space.

Durability:  Although some fabrics look attractive, they are not durable. It is very important to choose a durable fabric. However, if you believe in change, you can go for any fabric you like.

Affordable: Always choose the fabric keeping in mind your budget. Different fabrics are of different prices. While silk is very expensive, cotton is one of the least expensive fabric. The amount of fabric needed also varies with the curtain.

Ease To Maintain:  Many fabrics like silk and velvet requires dry cleaning. Some fabrics can be washed and dried at home like linen and synthetic fabrics. Choose fabric according to the use, maintenance, and structure of your home.

Temperature Moderation:  Some fabrics help in moderating the temperature of the room and keep the heat in. Suede, velvet, and tweed are such fabrics that keep the cold out. If you want the room to be cool, go for linen or cotton.

Look: Different fabrics give different look to the room. If you want to give a glossy and elegant look, go for real silk or faux silk. If you want to give a simple and sophisticated look, go for linen or velvet.


If you want your window and door coverings to be noticed before the rest of the room, choose a color in high contrast to the adjacent walls, every room needs a center of interest. If that center is the view, choose colors that will organize with the room’s scheme and complement what you see outside.


Before you take out the tape measure consider the height of a wall, hang curtains about six inches above the window frame if you want a height of sense to your room you can go higher than that. Do not forget the width as it is equally important with the height of the curtains. The window should be totally covered with curtains if curtains have folded design on it then make sure that folded design will not be disturb after covering the window with a curtain.


If you’re choosing curtains for a common area like a living room, opt for sheer curtains to allow more light into space consider a heavier fabric in a room where you want more privacy or less natural light, such as a bedroom or theater room. for custom bedroom decor read our article “space-saving custom bedroom decor ideas“.

If you plan not to allow sunlight inside the room, that extra length and width around the perimeter of your window frame will also help block out any creeping light.


The room structure and your overall style will help to indicate which types of curtains are going to be best for your room.

Once you’ve evaluated the elements above, it’s time to pick a style that complements your decor. Here are a few ideas Pull-in shades from your color palette with a solid or patterned window treatment, go bold and make a statement with colorfully patterned curtains for a more subtle style, try a neutral patterned curtain or drape.

The room structure and your overall style will help to indicate which types of curtains are going to be best for your room.

1. Casual

Casual curtains are a popular choice in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Casual curtains will lend to an easy, not-too-serious vibe. These curtains with grommet and eyelet or tab top attachments are rarely used with a valance.

2. Classic

Classic styles are universally popular in any room in the home. Classic curtains are often used with additional accessories to create full window treatments. These curtains feature a classic, timeless appeal and are often seen in design styles like classical, country, and bohemian styles.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary curtains provide a fresh interpretation of classic styles. You will commonly find it in grey and earthy shades which are inspired by nature. Sometimes, brighter and bolder colors are used to provide a pop of color in an otherwise subdued space. Contemporary curtains often feature rich textures and provide a sophisticated look that isn’t overly styled or pretentious.

4. Modern

Modern curtains generally reflect modern design in general. Modern designs are usually minimal and often incorporate metal along with eco-friendly materials as well. While solid colors are ever popular with modern curtains, bold patterns with clean lines or abstract elements are also very popular. Depending on the style of the room, modern curtains can create a powerful design statement.