8 Easy steps to Clean Oven Inside to Look it Brand New

how to clean oven inside

Writing this article is a rare and unique opportunity to explore tips on how to clean oven inside. If you have a self-cleaning oven, you’re not supposed to ever clean it by hand. You’re only ever supposed to use the self-cleaning function to get it clean.

But you’re someone who does not have a self-cleaning oven you’ve probably been waiting to acquire a how-to guide before rolling up your sleeves. Let’s start exploring how to clean an oven inside.

Things to know before you get started

Cleaning your oven really is a choose your own adventure type cleaning task because you can dial it up or dial it down as much as you want. In other words, depending on how much effort you want to put in you can really go full force or you can kind of squeak by.

This article will be bringing you how to clean the oven from inside, a few things I want to point out first and foremost cleaning the oven really should happen on a fairly regular basis.

I can’t prescribe an exact amount of time but it is all based on how frequently you cook and how frequently things bubble over. Essentially when you start to see spills and you know crusty build-up at the bottom of the oven. It’ll eventually cook and cook and cook until it becomes carbonized or blackened and then it will start to get smoke out of the oven while cooking. It’ll affect the flavors of your food, you’ll feel kind of your kitchen is on fire.

That’s why it’s really important to kind of stay on top of this and make sure that you’re cleaning your oven when you start to see and smell those cues.

Careful While Removing Accessories

Now when you’re actually in the oven aside from removing the racks you want to be really careful. Make sure you’re not getting the product into fans if you have a convection oven or into any of the burners or coils or heating elements that are inside your oven. You actually want to be really careful around that because you don’t want to cause any damage so when you’re cleaning the inside cavity just work your way around that.

Clean Glass Door Panels

Now let’s talk about between those two glass panes in the oven door they are they are a pain. The thing is you can’t really clean them, you can but you will just void your warranty. Because you’ve got to take the door apart while cleaning and oven manufacturers don’t like when we try to do that stuff ourselves.

Now you can put a paper towel over a fly swatter and stick it up fine and clean in between but just keep in mind don’t take your oven door apart you will avoid the warranty.

What you will need?          

Oven cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be harsh you just have to know what you’re doing and have a plan of attack. I’m not a firm believer not will recommend using heavy-duty chemicals for oven cleaning. Because you don’t want those chemicals in an oven that will then cook food that you and your family will eat.

I have mentioned some very simple cleaning products and easy-to-find household cleaning tools. You can buy it online by clicking on the product links.

Here you have a rundown of the things that are simple and effective, first and foremost is dish soap, oven cleaning liquid, and baking soda. Second are paper towels, microfiber cloth, and vinegar these things are for after the fact we’re not using this during the cleaning.

Additionally, you will need a scraper, you can use a windshield scraper or old credit card instead. Get a Scotch Brite heavy-duty scrub pad and some newspaper for putting on the floor to catch all the dirt.

How to clean Oven inside?

Step 1

If you want complete oven cleaning including the drawer and area under the drawer, start by removing everything from the drawer. This is just good general practice because when you’re cleaning the oven you might get some liquid dripping in.

remove everything from oven drawer

Step 2

Next removing the oven racks as well can help you to clean those in the bathtub, but as of now keep them aside. Lining the area with a newspaper is a good idea as it will save you from having to do additional clean-up.

remove oven racks

Step 3

If there is hardened build-up inside the oven cavity, try to get it out using a scraper to do some cursory cleaning. Remove as much as you can do using scrapper following scrubbing and cleaning the remaining mess up. Wipe up all the accumulated dirt from the oven cavity using a paper towel.

Use scraper to remove dirt from oven cavity

Step 4

Make up a solution of four parts baking soda, one part dish soap, one part water stir it up to make a nice thick paste, so you can fiddle around with the consistency. You can add a little bit thinner if you want just don’t forget to wear hand gloves if your skin is allergenic to any of these. There’s a more eloquent way to do it, but applying it special brush felt like going crazy town. Apply it on the sides of the oven cavity, even on the door, and leave it for 30 minutes. In the meantime, complete the 5th step.

clean oven with water, vinegar, soap liquid, and baking soda mixture

Step 5

Allow 15 minutes of dwell time in hot soapy water inside the sink or bathtub. Wash the rack in the sink using a bristle brush or heavy pad scrub to remove all the hardened rust and dirt. Wipe it out with the cleaning liquid and let it dry in the air.

wash oven rack in the sink

Step 6

Remove the drawer gently and vacuum all the dirt inside just using a handheld vacuum. Wipeout any debris from the drawer interior, and then give it a good spray of dish soap mixed with water. Use a soap-filled sponge just to give it a good scrub down following rinsing it using a wet microfiber cloth.

vacuum all the dirt under the oven drawer

Step 7

Now a get water in a bowl and start scrubbing with a mix of the scraper and the heavy-duty scrub pad. Make sure you scrub all the sides, the back, and of course the bottom as well. Now replace the water, rinse microfiber under water taps, and quote, unquote rinse the inside of the oven because baking soda leaves a residue behind.

Give it the final vinegar rinse, giving everything a final wipe down with some vinegar will helps to cut any residual grease and polish things up in there.            

scrub all the dirt from oven cavity

Step 8

Take another microfiber cloth and splash water onto the interior oven window and sprinkle glass cleaning powder. Start scrubbing to get all of that build-up off using a heavy-duty scrub pad. It will take a little bit of effort but finally will end out the beautifully clean window. Rinse off finally with a water-dipped microfiber cloth, you may want to do it once or twice.

clean oven glass with cleaning powder


Things are complete now and you know how to clean your oven whether it is self-cleaning or non-self-cleaning. I hope that these tips and techniques will help you and make you feel more confident in approaching this how to clean oven inside job. It’s going to take a bit of time of yours, but once you have a method strategy and you know how to approach it you’ll be able to do it efficiently to get great results.