Important Steps to Consider for Tree Pruning

tree pruning

Tree pruning is essential to ensure the healthy growth of trees. By implementing good pruning practices, your tree will grow well. You should always hire a professional such as a tree pruning Sydney contractor who knows the right techniques for tree pruning.

There are various benefits of using tree pruning such as improved structural integrity of the tree, desired growth, prevent the tree from diseases and restore normal growth, etc.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe various steps involved in tree pruning technique:

1. Purchase Right Pruning Tools

The tree pruning starts with purchasing the right pruning tools. The strong tools can last for a long duration and they can create the right cuts. The good quality tools do not bruise the wood and they can be used easily without any problem. The different tools required for tree pruning are pruning saw and strong loppers.

2. Use Sharp & Clean Tools

If you already have pruning tools in your tool kit, then you should make sure that they are clean and sharp.  You should sharpen all tools before starting the pruning season. Once they are ready to use, you should wipe them with a vinegar-soaked rag to disinfect them.

3. Choose the Desired Shape

It is very important to choose the desired shape of the tree. You should observe your tree carefully before starting pruning techniques. You should imagine the right shape for the tree and plan the right technique for pruning. Optimum planning will help you to obtain the desired shape of the tree.

4. Make A Precise Cut

Before starting tree pruning, you should know important rules to follow. It is very hard to form the right cut on the tree. The right pruning cut is that which has clean edges that help in redirecting the growth of the tree in the desired direction. In addition to this, the right cut finishes where the re-growth will be resumed. You should make the cut away from the bud of a tree.

5. Start Making Big Cuts 

Now, it is time to make a cut on the branches. You should use secateurs to make cuts on your three-year-old tree. First of all, you should cut out diseases or damaged branches of your tree.  After that, cut or rubbing and crossing branches to improve the healthy growth of the tree.  Finally, make cuts to form the desired shape of the tree.

6. Pruning Method for Single Leader

It is important that the leader branch of the tree should be 30cm higher as compared to other branches of the tree. You should cut down scaffold branches to clear the tree. Tie up the branches with a peg on the ground to increase the angle between trunk and branches. This is the best technique to prevent the growth of branches in an upward direction.

7. Pruning Method for Vase Shape Tree 

First of all, you should clear the central portion of the tree. It will help the sunrays to reach all sections of the tree. You should leave weaker branches and cut down long branches to match the length of others.  You should remove wood growing to the central section of the tree.

8. Optimum Pruning

You should always keep in mind that extreme pruning may lead to the death of an old tree. Thus, if you are implementing pruning techniques on your old tree, then do not over prune. If you have already removed a lot of wood, then you should stop.

9. Cut Down Unproductive Wood

You should precisely observe each and every branch of the tree. If you find any branch unproductive, then you should cut it down. The long size straggly branches should be pruned, make sure that they are pruned with a downward-facing bud. It helps in improving the structural integrity of the tree.

It is important to remove upright shoots because they create clutter. If your tree has too many uproot shoots, then it is recommended to trim a few of them to the end and cut out completely the rest of them.

10. Planning Is Key

You should properly observe different sections of the tree and create the right plan accordingly. It is important to plan before starting implementing the pruning methods. Otherwise, you will inappropriately cut the branches of trees. Make the right choices so that your tree grows again with good health and improved strength.

11. Choose Right Season

During the winter season, the pruning technique helps in the replacement of old wood. Therefore, it is an idea to implement this technique when trees are dormant. During the summer season, tree pruning invokes a weak response. Therefore, you should never prune your tree during the summer season. You can also consult a good tree service provider in your area.