Make Your House Monsoon Ready with these Tips

mansoon tips for home

Ambiance plays an important role in the happiness of the human being. To maintain it a house must be well ventilated, and aromatic, We look forward to the first monsoon shower after a long tired summer. And once the rain started, we enjoy changing temperature and that cool atmosphere; But when It started to falling too much, it started creating trouble.

Absence of sunlight in the rainy season creates a kind of gloomy atmosphere. There is a kind of humidity in the house too.
Because of this humidity, you have to be very careful with the house. Before the heavy rain starts, we clean the roof, mattress, balcony of the house; But there are some things you need to do, or you have to do it because of the heavy rain. Even the smallest things are very useful to keep your house vibrant, fresh during the rainy season.

Monsoon Ready Tips for Your House.

1. First of all get large doormat, on which you may walk at least 2 steps and place it near the front gate, if your house is having balconies then place the similar doormat outside each one of it. This will restrict the footwear entry inside of house and will also help to keep dirt outside of your house.

2. The windows of the house should be kept as open as possible. So, the air keeps playing inside and helps to decrease humidity. If rainwater coming inside of the window, get it to repair by filling it with silicone or similar solution.

3. If your house has enough space in porch then take the shoe rack in the porch. Keeping shoe rack doors open occasionally will help to avoid a bad smell. Sticky mud of the shoes and wet socks spread bad odor inside the shoe rack so clean it regularly and keep naphthalene tablets inside it.

4. Cockroaches are more likely to be found in humid environments. But if we keep the air playing in the kitchen by keeping windows open, cockroaches will stay away from kitchen. The space under the sink should be clean regularly as it keeps spreading odor and attracts insects.

5. The kitchen cupboard doors should be open occasionally. This keeps the air flowing and helps keep the grain fresh and free from an insect.

6. If the windows in the bedroom cannot be left open all the time, at least the mesh of the windows should be kept open. In the rainy season, we often use windows to dry clothes, it makes the room feel dark and less airy. If possible, clothes should be dried on a stand and windows should be kept free for air to come inside.

7. In rainy season washed clothes stink so closet of the bedroom should be kept open for some time. So that the clothes will remain well ventilated. Use fragrance strips or sashes to avoid bad smell from the cupboard. Spread the paper first while putting clothes inside the cupboard. Important documents should be kept in a plastic folder.

8. Keep the bathroom open as possible as to get the humidity out of it. Clean the bathroom regularly to avoid stickiness of floor and wall tiles. Put naphthalene tablets in the basin to avoid bad smell from it. Use aromatic strips or air fresheners which helps to keep the bathrooms happy and fresh.

9. Avoid the use of rugs and carpet in rainy season as it gets dirty easily, wrap it in plastic to store it safely. If your house is having wooden flooring then get it polish with wax so that humidity will not affect its texture. Keep the floor dry all the time to avoid the accident.

10. Use brighten colored or sheer patterned curtains in monsoon it reflects the light inside to look house fresh. Use the light-colored cushion covers to keep atmosphere light and bright. Read curtain choosing article, How To Choose Curtains Accordingly.

11. Transfer some balcony plants inside of the house to bring freshness in the interior atmosphere but be careful do not allow water to accumulate in the pot.

12. Use aromatic candles, room fresheners to change the overall atmosphere of the house. Decorate flower pots with real beautiful aromatic flowers to change the overall ambiance of house.