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5 simple steps for mattress deep cleaning

So, are you ready to take on mattress cleaning? Open your doors, prepare your equipment, and get ready because we will explain how to clean a mattress? Since every cleaning routine forgets to include mattress cleaning, this essential item is ignored.

But one should never forget completing this important chore. On the other hand, if you never deep clean your mattress, there is nothing to get afraid of. So, here is the complete guide on how to deep clean a mattress.

Importance of mattress deep cleaning

The mattress parts, such as sheets and pads, are not well insulated to protect them from sweat, spills, and dust. Consider this: Sheets and pillows go in the laundry every couple of weeks for a wash. So, what about a mattress? There can be many dust particles accumulated on its surface and below if you have never washed it.

According to numerous studies, a dirty mattress could be the reason behind various allergies, colds, and infections. Moreover, it was also found that sheets that are not cleaned once a week contain more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob.

In another study, it was found feather pillows are the prime cause for the condition of fungi growth. Another reason for the concern, according to this study, is that as you turn from one side to the other, dust particles are released into the air, increasing the risk of health problems.

The good news for you is that here we will explain how to clean your mattress so you can have a healthy good night’s sleep without worrying about the fungus, bacteria, lice, mites, and more!

How to deep clean a mattress?

If you don’t want to go with any professional mattress cleaners, you can clean mattresses on your own by following below mattress cleaning tips.

Step 1 Vacuum


Firstly, remove any sheet or mattress cover. After that, use your appliance’s attachment to vacuum the mattress while paying close attention to the seam line as most of the dust builds up here. Use the vacuum available in your or else buys with more powerful suction.

Step 2 Follow spot cleaning for stains.

If you prefer to munch in bed, you’ll probably have stains from food and spillage. Here is the procedure to clean stains from a mattress with baking soda-

Items required:

  • Baking soda
  • Common salt
  • Hairdryer
  • Water

Stains can be removed with baking soda, salt, and water. Apply the paste on the stain, wait 30 minutes, and brush it away. Dry with a hair drier or a fan after wiping with a wet cloth in cool water.

Apply a 50-50 combination of hydrogen peroxide and water to stains caused by crayons, drinks, blood, or urine. Using a gentle toothbrush, work into the stain. Leave it for five minutes so that it can dry. And, if that does not remove the stain, repeat the process.

Step 3 Freshen up the mattress

Spread the baking soda on the top of the mattress. Allow it to mix for an hour, and afterward, vacuum up the baking soda from the mattress.

Step 4 Change the sides of the mattress

change the side of the mattress

From one side of the mattress, change its side to the other. If someone is present, you can ask for their help. After changing the sides, you can again spread baking soda to that side. Lastly, vacuum that up too after a complete hour.

Step 5 Let the mattress dry

The last step for this general process is to let the mattress dry. If you have full sunny weather, you can let the sun dry the mattress.

How to remove the smell from the mattress

Here are some simple ways to remove bad odours from the mattress.

Keep the mattress in the sun

This process can be maybe not good for the people living in the apartment, but if you live in an independent home, letting the mattress dry in the sun can be the best option. You have to move your mattress out to a sunny environment to follow this process. The more time the mattress has to soak the sunlight, the better it is for odour removal. The process is suitable for the sweat stink.

Transparent Vinegar

The vinegar process is suitable for sweat and urine smells, use ¾ of the cup of hot water and ¼ of the vinegar. Then drop a piece of water cloth in the solution and clean the matter from the same cloth thoroughly.

To dry it up, use another paper cloth. Because vinegar is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it will clean the mattress naturally. However, there may be a minor smell of vinegar afterward, but this will disappear after a few hours.

Clean with mattress with lemon

Cut a lemon in half and wipe the mattress. Don’t mind if some lemon particles or seeds are left on the mattress. Wait a few hours for it to dry before vacuuming it up. The lemon will remove smells while also leaving a fresh, zesty lemon scent.

Lemon is an anti-bacterial and acts as natural bleach. You can use this method for common stains and sweat.

Using AC or heater

One of the most difficult smells to remove from a mattress is mold and mildew. Especially if mold and mildew have already gotten deep into the mattress. Because molds and mildews are produced by moisture, it may be beneficial to create a dehumidifier environment.

This will help extract moisture from the atmosphere using a conditioner and heater in the room regularly to prevent molds and mildews from getting on your mattress.

Some additional tips to keep the mattress clean

  • Try to clean the stains when they are fresh. If you let them soak, they could permanently put a mark on the mattress.
  • It can be beneficial to do light brushing to keep dirt and hair away from your mattress.
  • Keeping the mattress in the open air could be your mattress smelling fresh.
  • You can buy a waterproof mattress protector to protect it from any spillage.
  • Don’t eat or drink on the bed. This will prevent future spills and crumbs.
  • Don’t allow pets on the bed because they bring a lot of dirt and fur into the mattress.
  • Dust, mites, and bacteria are prone to be produced in a warmer environment, so keeping your room cooler can surely help.
  • Most popular mattress companies have their own set of rules and procedures to deep clean a mattress. You can visit their website to know the right procedure to not miss out on any special instructions.

final note

Hopefully, these mattress stain removal solutions can assist you in keeping your mattress smelling fresh and stain-free. Furthermore, it will let your mattress survive for a long time, eliminating the need to purchase a new mattress only to remove stains.

However, a person’s mattress should be cleaned for at least six months. It will substantially aid in managing germs, bacteria, and other parasites, resulting in a better night’s sleep. And this will also benefit your health in the long term.

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