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OTG vs Convection Oven Comparison, Differences, and Buying Guide

I am sure most reader here is foody people who love to satisfy their taste buds by cooking delicious dishes on their own. You might be thinking to go for OTG or convection to make one of it your kitchen buddy. But are in the double mind of OTG vs convection which one is better?

Let me be clear, each of these has a different functioning, heating mechanism so the individual choice depends on the food types you loved to cook.

When you will through this article you will be cleared with all confusion that is bobbling up in your mind right now. I will be guiding you in selecting the best OTG or convection oven according to your cooking needs, budget, and functionality of an individual. First, go through a comparison between OTG vs Convection Oven.

Comparison Between OTG and Convection Oven

PropertiesOTGConvection Oven
Heating MechanismTwo Filament present on the upper and lower sideOne filament generates the heat
Heat DistributionLess even heat distributionMore even heat distribution
Power ConsumptionMore Power ConsumptionLess Power Consumption
Types of Utensils can useGlass, Metal, Ceramic, siliconGlass, Silicon, Ceramic
Auto Cook OptionNoYes
Cooking TimeTakes more time to cookComparatively takes less time to cook
ControlsMostly ManualMostly Digital
Ideal forProfessional Baking, roasting, grilling.Multipurpose cooking, defrosting, reheating
CapacityComes Up 60 Ltr. CapacityComes Up to 32 Ltr. Capacity
WeightLighter: Portable to move often.Heavier; Difficult to move often
Price ComparisonInexpensiveExpensive
Comparison between OTG and Convection Microwave Oven

Difference Between OTG and convection oven

Both OTG and Convection are great for baking and you will not find a great deal of difference in texture or taste. Both of them work well but, there are some differences in which two varies in the way of working mechanism and the way you would be able to use them. So, let’s start discussing how they differ.


Functionality-wise, a convection oven outranks OTG as you can cook, reheat and also bake, grill, and do just about everything in a convection microwave. Whereas in an OTG, you would be able to toast, grill, and bake your food, but you would not be able to cook or re-heat your food in an OTG.

Preheating Time

Convection oven takes about 5 minutes to pre-heat the oven whereas OTG is a little bit slower in pre-heating and takes around 15 to 20 minutes to pre-heat the oven. This can make the difference in the morning where every housewife or working woman wants to cook in hurry. 

Size of the Utensils

As in convection, there is a rotating disk on which you want to place the food that keeps you limited with the use of bigger-sized utensils. In OTG there are multiple trays depending on the capacity of your oven allows you to accommodate large-sized utensils inside.

Evenly Cooking

In OTG heating coils generate the hot air inside the oven and the fan installed allows rotating that hot air to cook the food evenly. But in convection microwaves turn-table keeps food rotating inside the oven while cooking which ensures more even cooking than OTG.


When we compare the maximum capacity of both the ovens, a convection oven would come with 32 Litre of maximum. OTG is available with the limit of 60 Litre capacity which allows you to cook more dishes at the same time.

Cooking types

OTG is best for baking, grilling, and toasting whereas convection oven out marks OTG in pre-heating, defrosting, and warming the food items.

Price Comparison

OTG is on the cheaper side on pricing as you would be able to get 40 Litre of OTG for about Rs. 10,000. Convection is on a little bit higher pricing side; you would need to spend Rs. 16,000 to get about 32 Litre capacity convection oven.


Convection ovens are heavier than OTG hence will demand a fixed place inside the kitchen. OTG is a lighter in weight portable option to move frequently and use over the dining or in your garage when and where you need to use it.

Auto on-off Function

Convection ovens come with an auto-on-off function that makes your cooking efficient and restricts possible accidents to appear. OTG, totally running on manual operations which needs full-time watch during overall cooking of the food.

Ease of Use

As convection ovens come with one-touch access makes it convenient and simple to cook any type of food with pre-set menu button. In OTG there are a lot of options to choose from, different modes, different heating elements you could switch on, with the fan, or without the fan and this could affect the comfortability of use.

Ideal for

A convection microwave is a great choice for those who are looking for a multipurpose appliance that can reheat, and cook many types of food items. Whereas OTG is perfect for professional users who want to bake, grill in bulk quantity, and has dedicated use.

Comes with upper and bottom filamentComes with one filament
Does not have turn-tableDoes have turn-table
Comes with a rotisserie rod for grillingDoes not come with a rotisserie rod
Takes 15-20 minutes to pre-heatTakes 5 minutes to Pre-heat
Auto cook functions not availableAuto cook functions are available
Maximum capacity is 60 LitreMaximum capacity is 32 Litre
Normally comes with Manual controlsComes with Digital controls
Lighter than convection oven makes it portableHeavier than OTG, cannot move often
On the cheaper side than a Convection ovenCostlier than OTG
Difference Between OTG and Convection Oven

Final Words

I hope you have cleared with doubts you had regarding the difference between OTG and convection ovens. Shopping for the best oven for your kitchen should begin with understanding your requirement, the types of food you love to cook, and of course your budget.

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