Preparation Tips for Painting House Exterior

exterior painting

The summer is up and it is perfect painting season, in fact, people have already started booking appointments with professionals to get it done smoothly. Preparing for painting is necessary because finding a reliable painter might take some time.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of hiring a pro, then with a little effort you can do it yourself. However, you might need the guidance of a professional if you are doing it the first time.

A good online guide can be followed as well but make sure the guide you are following is written by exterior painting companies. Use the following pointers to successfully paint your house this summer.

Do It Yourself

If you are looking for a summer activity or an affordable solution to paint your house, then doing it yourself is a perfect choice. It is not that difficult, and the quality of paint can be maintained by using advanced tools. The best part is that painting tools aren’t that expensive.

You must need to muster up some courage to do it. If you can find a couple of people to help you, then you can speed up the process. It’s true that the skills of exterior painting services are an asset but the starters can start by painting a test wall before taking it to a higher level.

Repair the Damaged Surface

You need to walk around the entire outer side of your house taking note of any damaged surfaces. It could be wood, masonry, or any metal, siding.

You may apply epoxy filler to the cracks which you inspect using a knife if there is no proper tool. The moment these patches got dry; lightly sand using a medium-grit sanding block.

Remove Loose Paint

When the exterior of your home will get dry, move around the place which you have painted to find any loose or chipped paint. You can also place some old clothes on the ground. This way you will be able to remove chipped paint by using a scraper or sanding block.

Fill any Trim

You need to find out any gaps on your walls and fill those gaps following by trimming around the door and windows. But if there is more than one material used in your house like siding or brick, you can add caulk with the surface when some other material starts.

But keep this thing in mind that before selecting a paint roller, you have to grab a tube of caulk. This is essential to cover any cracks, holes, or joints when you start doing paint your place. Window or door frames, molds, and fascia boards include.

Take Time to Prime

If you want to get the most of the paint down to your house’s exterior part, you need to go for priming with a quality sealer. Because most of the experts believe that sealer has a high resin content in it and this locks everything in its first place and gives your surface a new look.

Protect Doors, Windows and Lights

Before start doping paint, you need to cover all of your doors, windows, knobs, handles, or lights. There are some fixtures available in the market that can do the job in the best possible way.

Choose the Right Paint Quality

The selection of suitable paint quality can be more difficult than you can imagine and if you are planning to fly solo, then it’s you learn a few things about paints. Since every area has a slightly different local climate the quality of paint can change based on it.

By selecting the wrong paint quality, you are just inviting the trouble yourself. You might start noticing paint chipping issues right after you paint your house, that’s because a suitable quality of paint wasn’t selected. You can also take help from some painting services to chooses the right paint.

Once the stage is set it is time to prepare your toolkit for painting your house. Usually, the indoor painting isn’t a big challenge but the exterior is a completely different story.

The indoor painting would require only rollers to paint the walls but outside you might need to climb up to paint. That makes the situation riskier and difficult.

You might need some safety gear before you take on the task. Commonly safety gear includes a ladder, gloves, helmet, glasses, and rubber shoes. If you don’t have everything, then the best exterior painting services can be hired for the job.

Preparing Structure for Painting

Now that you have arranged your toolkit, it is time you start preparing the structure for painting. The prep method is different for indoor and outdoor painting. Indoor painting might require you to fill up the holes, balancing the wall, mold removal, and various.

Since the outside of the home bears harsh weather and you might need to remove dust at the start, afterward, you might have to remove some plants that start growing in the wall.

A mold removal remedy might be required around the gutter. Finally, start by applying the primer. It’ll not only improve the results but reduce the overall painting cost as well.

Considering Hiring a Professional

It is not always that easy to start a DIY project, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. When you are stuck completely and don’t know how to move forward, then it is better you hire a professional for the task.

Although painting isn’t difficult, the professionals have years of experience and the overall paint quality would be a lot better as compared to yours.

Professionals can do it a lot faster and will wrap up the work before you even know it. So, hiring professionals has its advantages that you might want to consider.

Final Words

Painting is a wonderful way to reshape your home and it is one of the cheapest ways to remodel a house. However, you have to pick the right paint quality for the exterior of the house because it has to tempered on both rainy and sunny days.

A good selection of paint can go a long way because you’ll not need to hire a painting service for quite some time.