Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Make it Look Bigger

bathroom makeover ideas

With the housing trend going for smaller homes, leading to sacrificing of bathroom space. As one of the busiest zones in any house you need to make sure it is functional with a challenge to fit everything inside.

Here are the cost-effective small bathroom makeover ideas to make it look spacious.

Glass Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure is an interesting way to induce a modern lifestyle without remodeling the whole space. It fits nearly any size bathroom and creates a separate bathing area to avoid wet floors all over the bathroom.

Although there is a number of shower enclosure options available like curtains, screen, nothing can match the style of a glass enclosure. Glass shower enclosure will divide the shower space from the rest with a minimalist feel to your bathroom.

In this bathroom simple glass shower enclosure creating a partition between the shower and basin area without disturbing the long and spacious appearance of the space.

Add Large Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are not only helpful in checking appearance, shaving, or applying make-up but also adds more than that. You can find a variety of mirrors in different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors to create a style statement.

Installing a large mirror will create an illusion of enlarging the appearance of a bathroom. The mirror inside the bathroom lights up the overall space by reflecting the light.

In this bathroom this simple and expanded mirror, installed over the wall adding visual interest and a sense of space. Mirror reflection is making the illusion of a bigger space inside the bathroom.

Wall mounted Taps and Faucets

Wall-mounted taps and faucets in the bathroom are capable to elevate the look of both traditional and modern bathrooms. If you are remodeling your bathroom over a tight budget adding wall-mounted taps can definitely leave a lasting impression. A wall-mounted tap is a great option for a small bathroom as it frees up the space over the basin top to occupy other things.

wall mounted tap

Look in the image this simple wall-mounted tap is adding a luxury feel to the overall bathroom fixtures and saving cabinet space to occupy other cosmetics.

Create Shower Ledge

A modern and practical way to create space for your most-used bathroom products along with the shower niche is creating a long ledge over the wall. Ledges do not possess a top side meaning you are not restricted by the height of your cosmetic bottles.

A narrow ledge along the entire width of this bathroom created a perfect perch for bathroom essentials and decor items.

Over the Toilet Storage Rack

Making the maximum storage space inside the bathroom is very important and the space behind the toilet is ideal, practical, and super-efficient. It can accommodate any bathroom accessories like towels, shampoo bottles, handwash dispenser, and open shelving make it easy to access. Storing mini plants or some décor items over it aids in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

This 3-tier organizer rack with shelves making the perfect storage option to accommodate trays and cosmetics to declutter the overall space.

Install Ceiling Level Storage

Making storage space at floor level makes your space feel crowded and creates a disturbance when it is functional. To avoid, installing artificial loft at ceiling level plenty of extra hidden storage space that doesn’t bump in while using the bathroom space. You can use this storage space to keep rarely used bathroom accessories.

Look how this artificially installed lofted shelf is accommodating multiple baskets to provide a uniform and organized feel.

Free Standing Rack and Trolley

Freestanding furniture like portable racks and multi-layered trolleys can stand for your shower supplies and cosmetics. It gives you the flexibility to create a more functional room when needed just by dragging it outside and can move it in when required.

As in this bathroom this steel trolley with wheels offering a more organized storage solution for everyday essentials to bathroom users. Dragging functionality gives you the extra benefit of getting the assistance of it where ever you want. If you want your bathroom to be spacious just drag it outside the bathroom and you are done.

Under Sink Cabinet

Under-sink zone can be great storage, don’t leave it unused, make optimum use of it by installing under sink Under-sink zone can be great storage, don’t leave it unused, make optimum use of it by installing under sink cabinet. Along with hiding those rusty pipes, it helps to organized little accessories saving your bathroom from cluttering.

Take a clue from this wooden door under the sink cabinet, keeping every single accessory hidden from sight and providing Take a clue from this wooden door under the sink cabinet, keeping every single accessory hidden from sight and providing a standard look to the overall sink area.

Make Effective Use of Corner

If you’re remodeling your tiny bathroom from scratch, you should focus on maximizing the efficiency of every space you have, and incorporating a tiny corner sink is the most effective way to do that.

There’s no rule that says you should have a full-size standard sink in your bathroom. A corner sink is worth consideration and gets the job giving you plenty of space and requires fewer efforts to clean.

This bathroom is making perfect use of the corner by placing the corner sink on the horizontal countertop to place belongings. It is also accommodated with a hanging bar downside to hanging towels.

Upgrade Bathroom Accessories

Until a decade ago, the bathroom was only meant to be a utility place in every Indian home, with an absence of aesthetic embellishment. But in the modern and stylish era with a wide array of bathroom accessories, the bathroom is no longer considered a mere functional space.

Replacing some cost-effective bathroom accessories like towels, rugs, taps, faucets, jet sprays, mixers can endow some glamour into the space.