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15 Home small terrace garden ideas

Not everyone has a big yard to plant and take care of. Some people live in small homes with no yards at all, or they might even be renting their home and don’t want to do anything that could damage the walls or floors.

However, you still want your garden space to look nice and feel like it is part of your home. This article will provide you with some excellent small terrace garden ideas. You’ll notice that there are numerous options, with their own set of functionalities.

This can help inspire your creativity and give you the confidence that your space does not have to feel claustrophobic. So go on and be encouraged by all these 15 fantastic terrace gardening ideas for confined areas.

Amazing  and Excellent Small Terrace Garden Ideas

1. Make a small wooden planter

Wooden planter on terrace garden

This can be one of the great terrace and balcony garden ideas for those who want to grow herbs and vegetables in their home, but don’t have enough space to design outdoor garden. The best thing about this kind of planter is that it blends naturally into the floor because it’s just like a regular floor, only with gaps in between the planks where soil and plants can be placed.

2.  An outdoor fireplace for chilly nights

fireplace on terrace

If you have a small space then you might be worried about taking up valuable real estate. However, the fireplace mantle here is not only super stylish but also doubles as a headboard! This gives it a dual purpose and saves on valuable square footage.

3.  Grow the garden vertically

vertically aligned planters

When you have a small area, sometimes all it takes is a few well-placed plants to make your space feel larger and fuller of life. You can use trellises or frames for this way of growing vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and peas. And you’ll require a lot of sunshine for this work, it’s essential to pick the exact position.

4. Use Hanging planters

hanging planters with colorful flowers

Hanging planters are amazing as they occupy little floor space while also looking stunning. Use them as decoration or plant some flowers in them to add color and a nice touch to a small space. You can also use them to hang your laundry instead of another drying rack.

idea no 5 edited

5. Place a small couch in the corner

You can make comfy addition of a small, modern couch in the corner space of the terrace.

This is one of the best ideas to refresh the appeal of your small space garden.

This piece of outdoor furniture will allow you to take a few minutes off to relax and sip a coffee while admiring your hard work.

6. A small water feature or fountain

idea no 6 2

A small water feature or fountain can be a good idea for people with small spaces. Adding a little bit of music and ambiance to your outdoor space will not only add some color.

But it can also make whatever you are doing feel more pleasurable and enjoyable like taking a relaxing bath in the evening or working on your laptop while enjoying the fresh air.

7. Place a table and chairs Set

small table and chair in terrace garden

This is another one of the great terrace garden ideas because it saves space by not only being smaller than the average table, but you can also tuck it away when not in use to free up room. It would also be nice to place some flowers or plants on the table for decoration. They should be low to the ground so you will not trip on them and can easily be removed when you need to use the table for another purpose.

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8. Use colorful plants

idea no 8 2

Use colorful plants to create a small garden that will blend in with your surroundings. If you want an inexpensive way to spruce up any space then grab a few plants from your local garden center. Ensure that such plants you want are suitable for your environment. You can also place some colorful flowers in a pot for extra color and ambiance.

9. Create a green wall

vertical garden green wall

A vertical garden is a good idea for those who have limited floor space but want to live in an urban area where they can have access to lots of sunshine. In this example, you see that they used recycled pallets and wood boards as planters for the wall. You can use a variety of materials to create a nice display and you will be amazed at how well they look when in full bloom.

10. Place a small grill

Idea no 10

Place a small grill on the terrace garden and cook some nice meals. The idea here is simple: take advantage of the space and make it work for you! Burning calories shouldn’t be a bad thing, right? You can enjoy the warmth of a grill and the smell of fresh food to turn a small space into a lovely atmosphere.

planters installed on the edges of terrace

11. Use edges of terrace to install planters

Use space-saving planters to decorate the edge of your terrace.

This is another good example of using various types of plants and flowers in order to get a nice display that won’t take too much room on your patio or balcony. You should also consider how you will arrange them so they can provide a nice composition for your space.

12. Place your plants in pots for easy maintenance.

idea no 11

If you have limited terrace garden ideas for small spaces then this is one of the best ways to go about it! Numerous vessels, such as big or mini pots, containers, or metallic tubs, can be used. Just make sure to choose a variety of colors and styles so they don’t look too similar.

planters on windowsills

13. Install planters on windowsills

You could plant flowering plants in each one so that when they bloom, they will bring even more color to your terrace garden. If you want, you could also add some small potted trees or shrubs around the windows since they would not take too much space.

14. Use outdoor lighting

idea no 13

Use outdoor lighting to give your terrace a warm glow at night. This is also a great terrace garden idea for those who want to avoid putting too much light up so they don’t bother the neighbors. The lights will not only look nice but they can be used as an extra element of safety by illuminating dark areas on your way to the door or garage.

idea no 15 edited

15. Add a pool

Last but not least, add a pool to your space if you have the extra money or resources.

This is one of the excellent terrace garden ideas to increase both space and ambiance.

Adding a pool or fountain will make your home seem more lavish and roomier. If you still have any additional room, this one is probably something you can think over.


There are many ways to make a small terrace garden feel like it belongs in your home. We hope that our list of ideas will help you decide which project is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Do let us know if there are any things that we missed in the comments section below. Good luck with your landscaping activities.

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