Staircase Vastu Tips You Need to Know

staircase vastu tips

Staircase Vastu Tips

Staircases are considered to be the heaviest part of any building, hence planning determines the problems and prospects of your future. Also, the right staircase Vastu influences the flow of positive energies very strongly.

As you know staircase allows you to reach high, but Vastu shastra rules define that if you made mistakes while designing a staircase, it can bring you down in no time.

The Vastu shastra followers conform to its rules while designing their houses. A staircase is one of the main aspects of the house hence designing it should obey Vastu principles.

This article will bring everything you need to know about the staircase Vastu like in which direction it should go or from which direction the staircase should start, direction of rotation, how many treads and risers should be there in a staircase.

Direction of staircase

Although you can construct staircases in any direction except North-East. But with respect to Vastu shastra ethics southwest, direction considered to be the best directions for the construction of the staircase. If your house structure does not allow this then you can build it western or southern part of your plot.

It is strongly recommended to never built a staircase in the North-East corner of your house as it is believed that the staircase built in this direction leads to financial losses.

North-East or South-West directions is considered to be the direction of your home Vastu, where the head of Vastu lies in the North-East direction whereas feet lie in the south-west direction. And that is why it is believed that you cannot put weight on a head part of your Vastu because the staircase is believed to be the heaviest part of any building.

It is assumed that the staircase is a carrier of energy hence Vastu ethics recommend it to go in the direction from east to west or north to south. This allows the energy to be carried in the right directions.

Rotation of staircase

The rotation of the staircase depends on the zone and direction in which you are planning to construct it.

1. North-West attributes according to Vastu ethics are Support and banking, so if you are planning to build a staircase rotate it anticlockwise as it will allow getting support.

2. South-West direction has the attributes of relationship and skills according to Vastu ethics so, demand anticlockwise rotation of staircase.

3. South- the direction has attributes of relaxation and fame which mean a staircase build in this direction need to rotate anticlockwise to unscrew its attributes.

4. West- Gains and profit demand staircase to rotate anticlockwise as it is believed to unscrew and generate gains and profits in your life.

Number of stairs in staircase

As the direction, rotation of staircase has the influence on the positive energy and makes their way through climbing the stairs. Likewise, the number of stairs also plays a major role in defining and guiding the flow of auspicious energy in your Vastu.

As per the Vastu ethics it advisable to include the odd number of stairs which will leave 2 reminders on dividing by 3. Like number 17 but the general height of any floor that ranges between 9 to 10 feet do not allow this number of stairs.  As a solution to this, you can include any odd number of stairs in your staircase like 9, 11, 15, etc.

Many people find it tricky while counting the number of stairs and get confused about whether to include floor and slab while counting. To get clear with this it is important to know tread and riser in stairs.

Treads- It is the horizontal part of the stair where you place your feet while climbing

Riser- it is the vertical part of the stair where your shoes get hit while climbing.

To avoid confusion in counting the definite number in the staircase just ignore the tread and only focus on the riser. The number of risers in your staircase will define the number of stairs in your staircase.

Other points to consider while designing the staircase

It is advisable to avoid spiral staircases as encircling staircases believes to bind your Vastu with inauspicious energy leading to bad health and calamities.

Avoid the construction of a bathroom, kitchen or puja room under a staircase. If you don’t want to waste this space you can design some storage space here.

It is good to have and advisable to fit doors at the end and beginning of a staircase.

Broken stairs are a sign of instability and must be repaired immediately.

The stairs should not touch the northern or eastern walls.

A staircase should not be easily visible to visitors.