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Things to consider before shower enclosure installation

Are you planning for a bathroom remodel? It involve various things to do for modern bathroom transformation but installing the shower enclosure impact the most and helps to change the aesthetic all together.

Although installing a shower enclosure may seem like a simple task, it is not always the case, especially if you are getting into it for the first time.

There are various things that you need to take care of while making such an bathroom upgrade. It may require you to carefully plan a proper use of space, decide about budget and material, etc., to build a perfect walk-in shower.  

In this blog, we are going to explain a few important points to consider when planning for your next walk-in shower enclosure installation. 

Things to consider before shower enclosure installation

Your Budget and Costs.  

Before you even start planning for a walk-in shower, the first thing that should be in your mind is your budget. You must decide about the money you want to spend on your next bathroom makeover project. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much money on your next bathroom makeover.

You should also assess the complete walk-in shower installation costs. It is important to keep in mind that the installation may involve breaking the wall for plumbing and using tiles to make it waterproof. You may choose any other way of waterproofing the shower walls as well. It may also involve repositioning the showerhead or any other points.

So, even preparing the space for a walk-in shower may cost you a significant amount of money. Therefore, without proper budget and planning, it can create a lot of problems for you at a later stage. 

Consider All Available Options

The walk-in showers are generally available in specific sizes. So, the complete kits come with certain dimensions that include a shower pan, panels, etc. However, there are instances where having a customized shower enclosure may be a better option.

In such a case, you will need to build your walk-in enclosure from scratch. It will ensure the type of looks you want. There may also be options available where you can create a wet room-style shower space or even a frameless enclosure that may even take the aesthetics and practicality to whole new levels. 

Make a Smart Use of Space. 

When it comes to the bathroom, the space is premium. And it is not for only small bathrooms. You should utilize the space of small bathroom the best possible way to create a highly functional bathroom. After you have decided that you are looking for a walk-in shower then it is important to consider its position and availability of space.

You should make sure that there is a minimum gap of 800mm exists where you want to fit a walk-in enclosure and other fixtures. In addition to that, 900mm can be the minimum space required for the walk-in shower. If you are planning to install a pivot door with it, then it may also require some clearance space too. 

Think About Making It More Functional Space.

If you want your walk-in shower enclosure to be a more functional space, then a customizable option may be a better choice for you. It is because such an enclosure can be in any shape that fits your aesthetics and budget requirements.

For example, when you want it for a small bathroom, then a frameless enclosure is a relatively better option. It will create the illusion of more space, even in a small area, by letting eyes move through the space. Other than that, knee walls with frosted glass and glass panels as a wall can also be a great option for someone looking for enhanced privacy. 

Improve the Looks of the Walk-in Shower.

The standard walk-in shower will look simple which is attractive and great for most people. However, there are also many ways to utilize the walls and floors to enhance the overall looks of the space.

For example, you can incorporate solid surfacing with marble, store, or glass, which can be great for fashionable looks. You may even seal the wall to waterproof it with frosted glass with designs on it. However, it all depends on the budget you have available as it may increase your overall costs of a bathroom makeover. 

Improve the Safety.

The walk-in showers are designed for easier access to the shower area with minimal effort. Therefore, most are at the floor levels.

However, if you have an elderly at home who will be using this shower it will be a good idea to install a grip handle inside the shower area or the outside entrance. In addition to that, you may consider installing a sitting bench inside the shower area to enhance the overall look of the bathroom space. 

Final Thoughts

A walk-in shower can be a great way to spruce up your space. However, to make the most out of your shower installation you will be to consider above-discussed factors. If you install an enclosure with careful planning and installation, it will take your bathroom looks and functionality to the whole new levels. 

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