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Things to Consider While Designing Modular Kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen is always exciting and fun we all like to furnish it with the best of things. But sometimes we do get lowered by the looks and after certain usage, we realized that functionality could have been better. In this blog, I will be sharing a few things that need to be consider while designing the kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Design: Things to consider

Cooktop Placement


Let’s get started with hop or fix cooktops, although they look stylish due to the sleek design and neat finish during design and installation. Please ensure a sufficient gap between the backsplash and rear burners. It would be impractical to keep the large vessels if the space is inadequate. This will result in over-usage of front burners and under usage or no usage of rear burners.

So, the question is how much space it would be a good idea to keep the largest vessel of your kitchen in mind. If you are confused to get the distance consider the vessel that you use routinely like the size of the biggest cooker or kadhai. This is especially important if you have a large family and you cook in large quantities. If the width constraint on the countertop is not permitting enough gap then it is sensible to opt for a cooktop with three burners.

Switch Board Placement

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If you’re fond of using appliances there is nothing called enough plug points and switches jokes apart while designing your kitchen.

Do spray some dedicated thought on the number of plugs that you would need regularly. Considering their convenient and obstruction-free accessible placement is the key in the kitchen.

I would suggest having sufficient plug points on the countertop.  If you miss it before initial designing you will need to install an external point later which does not look that great. Similarly, plan the position of the switches, don’t make it inconvenient to access.

Kitchen Pantry

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The pantry in the kitchen is very useful to keep all your groceries organized in one place. There are a lot of good built-in pantry designs that we all fall for especially with wired shelves. They may look good but take up a lot of space and poor versatility fails to accommodate all your pantry needs. Especially if you have large containers and packets to accommodate.

Small Sink

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There are variety of kitchen sinks available in the market but have a small sink in the kitchen, near the cooktop. This sink will aid you in quick washing of veggies and hands while cooking.

For utensils, you may plan to have a separate dedicated sink in the utility area. Another point I would suggest no matter whichever size or place you prefer to install a sink, make sure it does not have these raised edges with no passage to flow back into.

The sink water or liquid spills can accumulate resulting in a messy surface. Choosing a sink with flushed edges or at least some portion on the periphery that should be flush for passage would be a good idea otherwise it may take some time to get used to it.

Vegetable Basket


Pull-out wicker baskets or cane baskets are very common these days in modular kitchens. These can be used to store onions and potatoes. They look good but over time a lot of dust and grime accumulate inside and they lose their shine.

It is advisable to prefer perforated baskets, they are easy to remove, clean, and wash. Perforated baskets or wicker baskets choice is completely yours but the idea here is not to miss out on the point of having proper air circulation and ease of maintenance.

Cabinet Air Vents

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if you’re planning to have concealed vegetable storage, then don’t forget to install air vents on the cabinet doors for air circulation. These small vents help keep the veggies last longer. Also, get them installed under the sink area to avoid any fungus growth due to moisture from the drainage pipe.

White Kitchen     

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White kitten is like a dream to all, it looks classy and aesthetically charming. It is a myth that they’re hard to maintain. Most of it can be easily taken care of by simple discipline cleaning habits.

Additionally, the selection of items during construction will also contribute to maintaining the white kitchen. Well don’t go for flimsy or poor-quality laminates which will be difficult to clean and stains will always be visible.

Tandem drawers

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Most modular kitchens have these tandem drawers, the question is how many should you have? Some kitchens have only two or three which is not enough, keep one or two cabinets and rest all tandem drawers.

They are very convenient and everything stored in these is very much visible from the top making them easy to access.

They can take a good amount of load so don’t worry about the weight issue. Get a mix of different sizes to hold all types of cookware and utensils. Also please check the size of full plates or thalis in your house before ordering the plate rack. Many racks can’t accommodate large thalis with broad edges and hence can’t be used for storage which is such a waste of space.

Provision of Appliances

If you’re planning to buy any big appliances like OTG oven, Sandwich Maker, or Kitchen Chimney in the near future, then please leave the proper space for that when doing the interiors. It is better to double-check and triple-check the measurement of the appliance and space that you have. Ensure comfortable margins for doors ease of access and cleaning. Getting modifications for a new product can turn out to be a time-consuming frustrating and costly affair.

Kitchen Backsplash

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For kitchen backsplash you can use countertop tiles, glass quartz, or anything but I would recommend them to be plain. Do not use tiles with grooves and cuts with fancy designs. Printed tiles are ok if you like them but the surface should be plain. Over time groove tiles can accumulate oil stains splashes of dal, and curries, and cleaning becomes a tedious task. Whereas a plain surface is very easy to maintain.

Customize your Needs and Habits

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Last but not least please do keep your preferences, your food habits, and your family size top on the priority list while designing the kitchen. You are making the kitchen for your needs, not for your neighbors. Some prefer to have an open shell for ease of access, some like to add lofts for more storage which is absolutely fine. Adding sufficient lights is a must, but overdoing it is unnecessary.

I hope avoiding these tiny kitchen designing mistakes will be useful and would help you design your dream kitchen.

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