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Different Types of Window Blinds to Match Your Decor Style

Window treatments have their own language and there are so many different options and styles are available for window coverings. Different types of window blinds make choosing the perfect type is a little bit overwhelming.

Blinds are becoming the popular type of window covering due to their high functionality, versatility, and stylish look. You will have to agree that blinds look neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing to any window frame.

Not all blinds look the same nor operate the same way, so you must need to know about it before actual installation in your home. So, I decided to narrow it down to the best kind of window shades in this article.

Different types of Window Blinds

1. Roller Blinds

roller blind
Roller Blind

The first kind of blind I am exploring is roller blind, it is just what it is named, a piece of fabric wrapped around a casing that fits into the top of the window frame. Casing installed within the window recess can be outsight to provide a modern look.

Roller blind is a quick and inexpensive way of blocking out light coming from the window along with adding privacy along allowing you to choose different colors, textures, styles to make a bold design statement or window space.

Pulling of chain or cord on the side controls the operation of raising and lowering of a roller blind. We can also motorize them to open and close blinds at the touch of a button. Roller blinds are very easy to clean just wipe them with a damp cloth or hand vacuum them. You can enjoy complete peace of mind.

the good thing about a roller blind on a window like this is that you don’t have to worry about the measurement of the drop as the excess stays at the top of the roller blinds. we need to make sure that we allow enough of a gap on either side so the blind moves up and down freely one other thing you’re going to need to check before you actually buy your blind is that it can be cut down to a custom size.

2. Roman Blinds

roman blind
Roman Blind

Roman blinds are slats inserted into the fabric and are attached in series within the chord while lifting up all slates fold together to form overlapping pleats of the fabric. You can opt for different types of material to make different style roman blinds.

Roman blinds or roman shades are very traditional and the most convenient way for covering your windows.  When not in use its slates stack up to form different kinds of pleats that provide immense decorative value. On closing it they fall flat to cover your window restricting the entry of sunlight inside.

Variety of pleats formation on closing up classify roman blinds in different types like relaxed Romans, butterfly Romans, Austrian Romans, balloon Romans, tucked Romans, faux Romans blinds.

3. Venetian Blind

venetian blind
Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are horizontal slats made from metal, wood, or plastic suspended at equidistance with the help of a cord to make a ladder-like structure. The tiltable slats allow you to see out, but people can’t see in. Venetian blinds make a great choice for homes whose windows are facing the street as its tilted slates allow to look beyond with restricting outsiders to see in.

Venetian blinds have a long reputation for decorating commercial spaces as it allows to limit the amount and alter the direction of the light. Cleaning of these blinds might be difficult as you’ll have to dust every slate, but its benefits outweigh the cleaning hassle.

Slates can be tilt from fully closed to the desired angle, making slates fully horizontal allows you to view through the entire blind.

4. Cellular Blinds

cellular blind
Cellular Blind

Cellular blinds are made up of lots of honeycomb-shaped cells which are lined with aluminum foil, making it preventive in light passing. Cord-free operation and energy-saving benefits helping to grow the popularity of cellular blinds.

The honeycomb-shaped cells helpful in trapping the air, filtering the light, insulating noise. Cells also aid in controlling temperature keeping your home warmer in the winter and cool in the summer, helping to keep your energy bills down.

If you choose cellular blinds of translucent light filtering fabric then it will allow natural light to enter without disturbing privacy. But choosing dark and solid fabric can allow making total blackout like a home cinema, bedroom, or living area.

Hallow cells of cellular blinds make it so light in weight that you can lift them with one finger. But the best thing about the cellular blind is it is free of any external cord. Outsight installation of cord gives your space a modern appearance and style.

5. Vertical Blinds

vertical blind
Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds are identical length strips of louvers of plastic, fabric, or any flexible material that are clipped to sliding track or headrails fitted on the upper side of the window. Each piece of strips is added with a metal plate at the bottom to keep each strip vertical.

Wand or chain attached to sliding track helps to side drawing or slide drawing the blinds. Vertical blind functionality also provides the ultimate shading flexibility with 180-degree rotating louvers. These types of blinds are ideal for adding privacy control to your space in no time.

Commonly used in commercial spaces, vertical blinds can be found in an exciting mix of stunning fabrics, modern patterns, metallic designs, luxury laminates, privacy blackouts.

6. Bamboo Blinds          

bamboo blinds
Bamboo Blind

No matter how many style trends come and go for window coverings, but bamboo blinds continue to gain prominence. Bamboo blinds give an opportunity to add a luxurious feel to your window at the best affordable cost. Adding bamboo blinds as a window treatment offers natural, organic textures to fit within every decor style, be it modern, vintage, or any other.

Bamboo blinds have the easiest installation and smooth operational mechanism than any other type of blinds. This blinds folds into classic roll-up designs and its warm tones complement most of the living spaces.

More Types of Window Blinds

Other than this there are many types of blinds that can be categorized on the basis of their functions, structures, materials, operational mechanism.

Types of blinds on the basis of Materials – bamboo blinds, wooden blinds, PVC blinds, fabric blinds, metal blinds.

Types of blinds according to their structure- zebra blinds, shutter blinds, pleated blinds.

Types of blinds according to their functions- solar blinds, blackout blinds, skylight blinds.

Types of blinds according to their operational mechanism- motorized blinds, smart blinds, remote control blinds.

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