Unique 5 shelving styles that make storage beautiful.

wall shelving types

Although new and modern technologies have brought advancement in the home renovation and home decor process, there are certain things that can never be replaced, let alone eliminated altogether. For example, shelving units.

Shelving units are being used as vital household equipment since the beginning of time. Shelves help your home to keep the place neat and tidy by accommodating various things like books, clothes, and countless other items that would be otherwise scattered on the floor. Shelves not only provide storage space and keep the house organized but also a proper shelving system permit to show your creativity to decorate and beautify houses by proudly displaying impressive adornments and ornaments that are normally hidden away in the attic.

In today’s modern interior designing era, there are literally numerous types of shelve designs available to the common man. So, if you are looking to assemble storage options along with decorative touches for your home, then check out this comprehensive guide based on the different styles of shelves that you can choose from. While it’s hardly possible to cover all the different types of shelves at once, the following article lists the most common and absorbing types that have been classified according to the material, fixing style, and the purpose which they are best suited for.

1.Decorative floating shelves-

Various designs and styles in floating shelves make them the classiest shelving system. These shelves are a wonderful option to store your items in a well-organized manner and simultaneously, turn them into unique and fascinating decoration pieces.

floating shelves designs
brown colored floating shelve

Floating shelves are quite similar to fixed bracket or suspended shelves. but the primary difference that floating shelves separate from fixed bracket shelves and makes them more preferable option over the other is that unlike in fixed shelves where the nails and screws used to attach the shelf to the wall are clearly visible, the fixing equipment is hidden in floating shelves. And this characteristic gives a faux impression to these shelves ‘floating’ in the air.

floating shelves designs

Another distinct feature of floating shelves is that they are usually made of engineered wood that gives them a more refined and fancier finish. The assembly is supported by internal screws, nails, and/or brackets that hold the different racks together and are used to mount the overall system on the wall. As most other types of shelves, floating shelves are available in a collection of different colors, size, and styles but while most other shelving systems are only a storage option, floating shelves also exhibits interior decoration. Explore different floating shelves styles and designs here.

2. Built-in shelves –

built-in shelves ideas
built-in bookshelf

As the name explained built-in shelves are shelves that are “built-in” within the corners or empty space available at your home. Many of us think that the built-in shelves are for only older homes hence you will rarely find built-in shelve in a new home, built-in shelves are relatively simple as compared to other types of shelving systems, but its Function and form together make it gorgeous built-in shelving. Old homeowners reap many beautiful benefits from their living space However, there are ways to can make your own built-in shelves. These types of shelves are most easy to construct you just need to install a few planks of wood horizontally in the recess of the wall and it’s done.

built-in shelves ideas
built-in black color shelves for home decor

No matter how old your home is, it will benefit from a little extra storage space. Take a look at these different types of designs of built-in shelves at Pinterest to make up your own to add drama and storage in your home and no one will know that your home didn’t come with them.

3.Corner Shelves-

corner shelf design
corner shelve

Corner shelves are a genius way to turn those otherwise useless corner space of your home and arrange your items in easily accessible locations and turn those futile corner spaces into a purposeful storage option. Corner shelves are a genius way to use useless corner space of your home and arrange your items in easily accessible locations and turn those otherwise useless corner spaces into a purposeful storage option. Not many homeowners will convince with this but the corner shelves system is one of the brilliant ways to capitalize on the storage space in your house. These shelves appear in a wide variety of styles and designs and are sometimes also adjustable so that they can fit in different required areas. In other cases, they can be customized according to your preferences.

corner shelf design
corner shelves for bedroom decor

You can choose building material among plastic, metal, solid wood, as well as engineered or laminated wood for longer life and greater durability. Plus, they can be arranged in a wall-hang style so that you can place them beside cabinets such as those in the kitchen or they can also be floor-based which means you can install them in corners such as those of your wardrobe or the coffee table to increase storage space. Check out different designs of corner shelves here.

4.Free-Standing Shelves-

portable shelving unit
portable standing shelve

The types of shelves discussed above which need to be mounted or fixed to a surface in one way or another but free-standing shelves do not need to be attached to a wall at all. It appears by the name, these storage units are ready to use as it is. The high flexibility in terms of use and placement along with storage option makes it the most popular choice amongst the users. You can move it and place anywhere according to your need as it is completely portable.

free standing wooden shelve

These types of shelves usually come in open storage designs but you will also find the designs in free-standing shelves with doors to hide the belongings or drawers where you can stash your private things. Not only freestanding shelves provides better functionality but also looks super modern as you can proudly display decorative accessories and other similar items to uplift the look of your living space.

white color free standing shelve

Similar to other shelves Free-standing shelves are also available in a wide variety of materials, designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. For instance, cube-shaped shelves, bookcases, small cupboards, and so on are considered as free-standing shelves. Therefore, no matter what your needs are, rest assured you can easily find a free-standing shelf that meets your taste and requirements.

5. Stair shelving-

staircase shelving ideas
under stair shelves for home decor

If you are with limited space for storage and looking to maximize storage space in your residential then creating storage space around your stair are clever ways to declutter your home. The space below the stairs can be optimized into smart wardrobes, built-in shelve lockers, or handy drawers for storing various objects. Not only this if you are having pets at your home or kids then You can transform this overlooked area into a place for your pet to snooze, a cozy reading nook, a fun playhouse for the kids, and more! Get inspired by these creative ideas.

staircase shelving ideas
home office shelves under stair

If you don’t find the space around the stairs in your home suitable for any of the above-mentioned arrangements. And hunting for an innovative way to use this space effectively then framing the home office below the stairs can be the best option. Check out the various stair shelving ideas.

staircase shelving ideas
under the stair, kids playhouse

Choose a shelving style according to your home structure and help your home to give an updated look.