Have you ever imagined which types of curtains will suit a particular room of your home or office? I am sure you would have not felt to do research on matching curtains types for home or office. We generally do test only on curtains colors and choose curtains that match best with wall colors. But small analysis of certain types can beautify your home window and doors. This explanatory article is for one who is a little bit confused in choosing curtains types for windows in their home.

1. Pleated Curtains

In Pleated curtains, designs are formed with various types of pleats on the fabric to give it a classy look. Pleated curtains are further sub-classified in various types some of them are box pleated, Pinch pleated.

a. Box Pleated Curtains

In Box pleated curtains box-shaped pleat is created by draping down clothes from both the side as shown in the image. Box-shaped lined tuck provides formal looks to curtains. Box pleated curtains are ideal for the dining room, study room, hospital windows, etc. It is best to work with hard fabric types.

b.Pinch Pleated Curtains-

In this type of curtains, pinch pleating is created at the top of the curtains to add a decorative touch to it. The curtains are hanged by rings to the rod at every pleat. Pinch pleating will work with most of the fabric types. Pleat numbers can be increase or decrease as per your choice. More the number of pleats more the fabric you will need to tailor curtain.

c.Goblet Curtains-

In this type of curtains, pleat forms a shape like wine glass at the top margin of the curtain as shown in the image. Goblet pleat curtains perfect suits in grand rooms in a traditional home with high ceilings.


Various Types of Pleated Curtains -Box Pleated Curtains, Pinch Pleated Curtains, and Goblet Pleat Curtains.
Box Pleated, Pinch Pleated, and Goblet Pleat Curtains

2. Rod Pocket Curtains

In the rod, pocket curtains type is most simple in a structure where a simple fabric tube is created at the top by folding and sewing fabric. Both the ends of the tube keep open. In this type of curtains, the lining can be easily made to add a touch to curtains look. A curtain hanging rod is passed through a fabric tube and fits into a socket at the sides of the window. This type of curtains is generally to use where we don’t need to slide curtains frequently.

3. Eyelet Curtains

In Eyelet curtains type a plastic or metal rings are fitted inside the fabric along the top of curtains in such a way that when hanging rod is passed through rings it creates symmetrical wave format along with the curtain. The curtains hang easily and freely making this style ideal for kid’s bedrooms as they are easy to slide on the hanging rod and easy to maintain.

4. Tab Top Curtains

In Tab Top Curtains tabs or loops of fabric are made at the top to pass the hanging rod through it. These type curtains go well with all weights of fabrics as they hang evenly and have a repetitive, folded appearance. Tab-top curtains add visual interest without sacrificing simplicity. The distance between two tabs or loops at the top of the curtain varies with personal interest but 8 inches is the standard distance between the tabs. 

5. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the type that is made up of transparent fabric. As the fabric is transparent it allows little privacy still filtering the light. Sheer curtains are mostly used as secondary curtains over opaque curtains to give a classy touch to the window or door. If you are thinking to provide airy and light environments inside the room then sheer curtains will best suit your need.          

6. Pelmets and Valances Curtains

Pelmets are nothing but the box-shaped framework which fits over the top of hanging curtains. It conceals hanging rods and provides a finishing touch to window treatments. Pelmets are generally made up of plywood or adhesive board and covered with fabric. Valances are similar to pelmets in functions but are much softer in appearance.