What is OTG Oven- meaning, features, uses, how it differs from other ovens

what is otg oven

What is OTG oven?

An oven is a small shape box that consumes electricity to cook the food. OTG oven is nothing but the smaller version of a traditional oven. This oven functions on a coil heating mechanism, electricity heats up the coil that ensures the cooking of the food.

The thermostat present inside the oven determines and maintains the temperature to avoid overcooking of the food items.

Although OTG ovens resemble in many ways with the traditional ovens, but usually smaller in size. OTG ovens structured the same as other ovens having a front door, removable wire rack, and tray.

OTG oven consists of heating coils generally made up of nickel/chromium fitted on the upper and lower side of the oven. It has the setting to opt for heating either of one or both the coils.

To grill, you need to heat the top coil, and for baking, you need heat from top and bottom so, you will need to choose the setting of heating both the coils.

Otg oven meaning

OTG is named on the features it has like Oven (baking), toaster, and griller. OTG works on the direct heat generated by the coils to bake, toast, and grill.

Features of OTG oven

The smaller size makes it easily portable.

Coils convert electricity into heat to cook food.

Comes with timer and temperature control features.

It does not require any additional setup to function.

Do not require expertise to operate the OTG ovens.

Quite economical as it requires less amount of electricity.

Otg oven uses

If you are planning to buy an OTG oven it is essential to know its uses. Although you get manual explaining settings and features, here we are detailing some uses of OTG ovens.


The grilling function allows you to grill food from the outer side. In the OTG oven roof coil is heated and thermostatically controlled to maintain regular heating. The oven repeats the heating cycle still food gets grilled properly.

In OTG you can grill meat, various sandwiches


Toasting is the process of making food crispier by exposing it to excess heat to change its natural color. OTG allows you to toast baked food items like bread, potato, etc.


OTG is a delight to try your hands on baking cookies, cake, pizzas, and similar kinds of recipes. Baking demands the transfer of heat from the surface to the center of food and OTG does the same.

Don’t forget to make sure the ovens are preheated to a specific temperature as per recipe demand. Turn on both, upper and bottom coil on heating to get the best result.

How to use otg oven for baking cake?

OTG ovens make the baking cake easier, following are the steps to keep in mind while baking a cake in OTG.

1. Turn on the oven on the “Bake” function.

2.Preheat the oven for 10-15 min.

3.Set the wire rack on the middle of the oven compartment.

4. Line your cake mold with butter paper and grease the sides of the mold with oil or butter.

5. Set it in the oven and set the timer and temperature of the oven according to recipe demand.

6. Remove mold from oven, let it cool down completely, decorate it with wipe cream and you are ready to enjoy your delicious cake.

Otg oven vs microwave

There are types of microwaves and ovens present in the market like convection microwaves which are made for specific purposes and functions.

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Both microwave and otg have specific functions and uses. OTG outrange microwave when it comes to baking, grilling, while microwaves are faster to heat, warm up the food.

Check out the difference between microwave and OTG ovens

DifferenceOTG OvensMicrowaves
Heat GenerationUses coils to transfer electricity into heat and is absorbed by the food to gets cook.An electron tube called a magnetron converts electricity into microwaves which travel inside the oven and gets penetrates through food. This penetration causes vibration of molecules inside the food which heats the food.
Heat DistributionOTG ovens have fans to distribute to heat evenly inside the chamber.The rounding platform rotates the food circular allows microwaves to absorb from all the sides to cook food evenly.
Heating TimeHeating is a little bit slower as the coil takes time to get heated.Heating is faster as microwaves get produces from the time button is switched on.
Ideal ForIdeal for toasting, baking, grilling.Ideal for heating up the food, cooking, and boiling.
PriceIt is cheaper as the mechanism used is of low cost.It is expensive as the mechanism used is costly.