Why Trivandrum is one of the Best Places to Live in?

Trivandrum best place to live

‘Anantapuri’ is what people still call the city for Trivandrum. Thanks to the rich culture, tradition and strong religious significance, the backstory of Trivandrum AKA Thiruvananthapuram has stayed fresh in the minds of the people of Kerala.

In the annual survey conducted by ASICS (Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems) Trivandrum was placed in the top 5 just below Pune and Kolkata. Trivandrum was placed first in the previous years even with limited ‘modern entertainment option’ when compared to other cities on the list. This achievement can be attributed to the presence of avenues of public entertainment like Tagore Hall, Nishagandhi Auditorium, Vylopilli Samskriti Bhavan, etc for the literary minds, to the beaches and parks for the ones who need some fun in their lives close to nature and to the ever famous museums and palaces.

Trivandrum is a place of religious harmony with temples, churches, and mosques sharing equal importance in the cultural and social well being of the city. Palayam Palli, Padmanabhaswami kshetra, Vettukad church and many such places of worship adorn Anantapuri to be an integral part of the people of Trivandrum.

 Benefits of Buying a Home in Trivandrum

Buying a house is a major real-estate decision which will need a lot of deliberations and considerations as it is an investment (Rent/Lease/Resell) or as an asset. First and foremost in the checklist would be the location. And in location, the parameters are connectivity to major cities, educational institutions, recreational opportunities, healthcare, jobs, places of religious relevance, etc. There is one very crucial parameter no homeowners/investors will overlook – the appreciation of the property.

Considerable planning goes into a decision of such high monetary value. When you have decided to buy a home, why not buy at the best-ranked place in Kerala – Trivandrum. It was always a place of significance forever. It is rich in heritage and the charm of the old city is so enticing that you will fall in love with the serene environment quickly. Trivandrum is a clean city, thanks to the number of government offices and the fact that it is the capital city of Kerala. Even on the busiest days Trivandrum will give off a picturesque look and feel with a veil of greenery that adds to the beauty of the already charming city.

Around Trivandrum, you can find attractions like beaches, dams, palaces and the southernmost mainland of India, Kanyakumari is also an easy reach from Trivandrum. Let us not forget about Technopark offering jobs to thousands of people and having the likes of Infosys, TCS.

Flats and Home Builders in Trivandrum

One thing the builders in Trivandrum understand is that buying a property is a big investment for all. This is the primary theme that drives the leading builders to develop properties in Trivandrum with the following criteria:

Security: Gated community is something that most of the builders guarantee. A gated community, be it a villa or a flat, with a security guard is much safer than a standalone house. The threat of burglary is always there, no doubt in it. But if you are planning to buy a flat in Trivandrum the builders promise to have a close eye on the surroundings. They offer the best in class security service to the homeowners. They are also using biometric scanners to ensure maximum security.

Facilities: Flats, villas and gated communities are the way to go these days. The reason is simple, world-class amenities. If you need to go to the gym or swimming or for a casual walk in the park, these builders have made sure you do not have to travel far. Eyeing the changing work environment, there are some services rendered by certain builders where they offer space for events, co-working spaces, etc, which is a move in the right direction.

Another advantage is the close-knit community that is developed inside such projects. They give more chances to be connected to the world and to spend time in a better way

Connectivity: Another prime feature to consider is connectivity. While choosing a location in Trivandrum you could consider multiple factors to finalize on a property. The interests or reasoning change from person to person, as it is a matter of personal preference. A basic checklist would have connectivity to other cities, proximity to major transport hubs like railway station, bus stand or airport, accessibility to schools and hospitals, etc.

Multiple options to choose from: The whopping number of premium builders shows that it is a sought after city after all. Skyline, Asset Homes, Premier Builders, Kalyan Builders are some key players in the city of Trivandrum. With such variety in types and locations to choose from each one of them strive to do one better than the other thus giving the homeowners a chance to grab the best.

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